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What is Digital Marketing?

The promotion and advertising of a company, person, good, or service through the use of digital technology, electronic devices, and online platforms is known as Digital Marketing. Social media, email, pay-per-click (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO), and more are a few instances of Digital Marketing.

What distinguishes Digital Marketing from conventional marketing?

The distinction between conventional and Digital Marketing is straightforward.

While Digital Marketing employs channels that are online, traditional marketing uses offline ones. While a Digital Marketing strategy may utilise social media, blog postings, and email to promote a firm and its offerings, a traditional marketing campaign, for instance, can employ billboards, print ads, and mailers. The distinction between “traditional marketing” and “Digital Marketing” has started to become less clear in recent years as even conventional channels like billboards, TV advertisements, and direct mail have incorporated digital elements.

Why is Digital Marketing important?

Digital Marketing is important for businesses today since it provides:

Several web marketing techniques

Affordable Marketing Strategies

Identical Field of Play

Alternatives for Sophisticated Customisation and Targeting

Accurate Tracking and Measurement of Campaigns

Ongoing campaign performance evaluation

The advantages of digital marketing are discussed in more detail below.

Digital marketing provides a variety of internet marketing techniques.

Your business can choose from a variety of strategies for web marketing. 

Digital marketing strategies include, for instance:

PPC PPC SEO Content marketing

Conversion Rate Improvement (CRO)

Marketing and Advertising on Social Media

even more

There are choices available, which isn’t always the case with traditional marketing. You have fewer options with traditional marketing. There are only a few channels available, such as radio, print, and television, and many of these channels are pricey, further reducing your options.

Your business has access to a variety of tactics when you decide to use Digital Marketing. You can choose the ones that are most compatible with your company, your objectives, and your target market, allowing you to maximise the financial benefits of online marketing.

Digital marketing provides affordable marketing options.


Another advantage of Digital Marketing is cost.

Online marketing is incredibly economical when compared to traditional marketing. You select your budget and place a bid for ad space when you advertise online, whether on social media, websites, or search engines. When compared to purchasing a billboard, you have total control over your budget.

A key characteristic of Digital Marketing is flexibility. Campaigns and budgets might be scheduled to last for years or just a few seconds. Businesses benefit from agility that is frequently lacking in traditional marketing when precision targeting is combined with it. You can choose to suspend a PPC campaign if you start it and discover it is underperforming, for example. In contrast, if you purchase a billboard, you own it for the whole term of the contract, regardless of whether it is effective or not.

It provides a fair playing field with Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing also makes it easier for small-to-midsized businesses (SMBs) to differentiate themselves from more established names. This is due to the fact that web marketing provides affordable tools like SEO that can assist your company in reaching its target market.

Large businesses can sell themselves in ways that SMBs frequently cannot. They occupy valuable real estate with their business premises. They have a sizable staff of cold-calling salespeople. They provide lavish exhibitions as sponsors for trade shows and conferences.

With digital channels, clicking an advertisement for a big company or a small one is as simple. A Facebook page for a Fortune 100 firm has the same design as one for a small, five-person business.

Bypassing well-known companies and reaching your target demographic is made possible thanks to this level playing field.

You don’t need to be concerned about how your online marketing budget will do against those of bigger firms. You can utilise SEO and other cost-effective tactics offered by Digital Marketing to put your goods or services in front of your target market.

Advanced targeting and personalisation options are available in Digital Marketing.

You can use a variety of sophisticated targeting and personalisation possibilities when you incorporate web marketing into your business strategy. When it comes to targeting, traditional marketing, which is more general, falls short of what Digital Marketing can offer.

For instance, you can employ targeting options in online marketing such as: 





Marital status


and more

You may increase the other advantages of Digital Marketing, such as its affordability, with the aid of these targeted possibilities. For instance, if you run a PPC campaign, you may target customers who are most likely to convert by, say, visiting your brick-and-mortar store by using targeting choices like geography and device.

Online marketing also makes it feasible to add information like the following to material to make it more personalised:

Name \sInterests

purchasing habits

Better marketing outcomes can arise from providing customers with a personalised experience, whether through your website or email marketing campaign. For instance, an email that makes product recommendations based on a subscriber’s previous purchasing habits may result in another sale or perhaps a word-of-mouth referral.

Accurate campaign tracking and measurement are available with Digital Marketing.

The tracking issue with traditional marketing is resolved by online marketing.

It’s challenging to determine whether someone found your company through a billboard, radio ad, or newspaper feature while using traditional marketing techniques. It is difficult to demonstrate the value of marketing when you can’t measure the performance of your marketing initiatives.

Monitoring the effectiveness and outcomes of Digital Marketing is simple.

Monitoring your approach is simple with Google tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google Ads. You may monitor website traffic, user behaviour, and website conversions, for instance, with Google Analytics. In contrast, Google Ads offers a complete 360-degree view of your PPC advertisements. Any Digital Marketing strategy worth its salt obviously must include these kinds of website statistics.

Even better, you can utilise tools like Google Data Studio to organise all your data into Digital Marketing reports that are simple to read and distribute. These tools enable you to both demonstrate and evaluate the effectiveness of online marketing.

Digital Marketing provides ongoing feedback on the effectiveness of campaigns.

Including Digital Marketing in your business strategy also gives you access to a marketing strategy that offers continuous feedback on the effectiveness of your campaign, whether it’s your SEO strategy or PPC ads.

For instance, you can see a sharp decline in conversions if you start a PPC campaign and change your targeting to ignore mobile devices. You can react more quickly thanks to that prompt answer. Your campaign can resume performing at its best by undoing your targeting update.

Including long-term plans,Similar to SEO, offer continuous feedback.

For instance, by looking at your website traffic and conversion rates, you may determine whether your keyword targeting approach is effective. Other areas for improvement, such as your site’s design and usability as well as content quality, may also become apparent through this research.

Digital Marketing is a huge asset for businesses, including yours, due to all of its advantages.

How does Digital Marketing operate?


You are aware of the meaning of Digital Marketing, but how does it operate?

Online marketing is effective when you create a coordinated, multi-channel approach that supports the distinct buying journey of your target group. This means that your company employs a variety of platforms, including social media, email, and search, to support a larger marketing strategy, such as producing leads, sales, or brand awareness.

Consider the following Digital Marketing example for context:

To generate leads.

Channels: digital advertising, email, and search


Create a blog post that focuses on a MOFU (middle of the funnel) need.

Make the blog article user- and search engine-friendly.

Include a resource that users can download in exchange for providing their email address.

For those email subscribers, create a drip campaign to bring them toward conversion.

Although it’s a simple illustration, the situation above demonstrates how businesses may utilise Digital Marketing to accomplish broad objectives like acquiring leads. Online marketing channels can be utilised alone, but they are most effective when used in tandem, which is one of the major problems for digital marketers.


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