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What Is Black Hat SEO? Techniques, Examples, Tools & Tactics | Warrior Forum

This post is for you if you’re trying to figure out what black hat SEO is and want to know the definition.

To help you comprehend this SEO technique, we’ll go through every facet of black hat marketing in the sections that follow.

In addition to teaching you what black hat SEO is, the aim of this article is to provide you extensive knowledge of black hat SEO strategies so you can recognise black hat SEO examples when you see them.

We’ll also discuss the top black hat SEO tools used today to carry out each of the different SEO methods.

What Is Black Hat SEO?

A set of SEO methods known as “black hat SEO” are used to boost a website’s rankings on search engine results pages while also going against search engine policies. In order to influence the algorithm, black hat SEO is also known as spamdexing.

Having established the fundamental definition of black hat SEO, let’s examine a few concrete examples of the practice before going on to the specific tactics.

Black Hat SEO Examples

Invisible text, doorway pages, keyword stuffing, page switching, cloaking, spammy blog comments, content automation, deceptive redirection, link schemes, duplicate content, and article spinning are a few examples of black hat SEO tactics.

What Are Black Hat SEO Techniques?

Invisible Text

A black hat SEO method called invisible text conceals keywords from site visitors while making them accessible to search engines for indexing and crawling.

Keywords that match the colour of the background and text with a small font size that is difficult to read are examples of invisible text.

Another unethical SEO technique is the use of invisible text. Visit find out more about this method of search engine optimization, go to my website on what grey hat SEO is.

Doorway Pages

In order to score highly for specific search queries, doorway pages are a black hat SEO technique that crams a web page with keyword variations and illogical content.

Doorway pages, which use JavaScript or a meta refresh tag to route readers to another page unrelated to the search query, are also known as gateway pages, jump pages, and bridge pages.

This is a typical example of a black hat marketing technique designed to manipulate users and deceive search engines.

Page Swapping

Page swapping is a doorway page-like black hat SEO technique.

But a page swap also involves changing the text on the website, as opposed to rating a page with illogical text and immediately rerouting the user to a new page using Javascript or a meta refresh tag.

The practice of sending a text-only version of a website to search engines for indexing is an illustration of this black hat SEO approach. The page is replaced with a content-rich page created for human visitors after the required position is attained in the search results for a specific phrase.

Because the search engine spiders will ultimately revisit the page and discover that the content has changed, this is a temporary black hat SEO strategy. Additionally, the index’s rankings will be revised.

Keyword Stuffing

In an effort to manipulate a site’s ranking in the search results, keyword stuffing involves repeatedly using the same terms or phrases on a web page.

The content, various lists, the sidebar, the footer, and other areas of the page are all possible places for these keywords to appear.

Google offers the following instance of keyword stuffing:

“We offer bespoke humidors for cigars. Handmade cigar humidors are what we offer. Please email our custom cigar humidor specialists at custom.cigar.humidors@example.com if you’re considering purchasing a bespoke cigar humidor.


Cloaking is a black hat SEO technique that shows search engines one set of material or URLs while showing human users another.

Because cloaking deceives search engines to obtain the desired rankings for target keywords while providing users with unexpected results, it violates Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Blog Comment Spam

In order to boost the amount of inbound links to a target site, spammers frequently submit links as comments on blogs. This practice is known as black hat SEO or spamdexing.

The fact that a blog remark adds nothing of value to the reader or host blogger is what qualifies it as spam. Often, the text is meaningless or unrelated to the blog post at all.

Spam blog comments are only done to obtain free backlinks to the target website.

Content Automation

The laborious processes involved in content development are automated using software as part of a black hat marketing strategy.

The two main methods of content automation are as follows.

The first method involves gathering content from several websites and putting it all together on one page. Additionally, the text may be rewritten (or “spun”) to make it appear original.

The second involves using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically create content for you. Without the assistance of a human author, an AI content creation technology employs natural language generation (NLG) to produce narratives and marketing copy.

Link Schemes

Link schemes are unethical SEO strategies that affect a website’s PageRank.

Google’s patented PageRank algorithm evaluates the quantity and calibre of links pointing to a page to assess the significance and reliability of the content. It is assumed that websites with better standards will connect to their pages more frequently than those with lower standards.

The following techniques are examples of black hat SEO link strategies that increase a web page’s PageRank:

  • a lot of link exchanges.
  • Purchasing or selling links in order to convey PageRank value.
  • massive guest posting and links with keyword-rich anchor text
  • Links in articles with optimised anchor text that are shared throughout the internet (e.g. press releases).
  • Making your own private network of websites (PBN) using links with keyword-rich anchor text will raise the PageRank of your website. View the PBN links for more information.
  • submitting content to low-quality directories or bookmarking sites with optimised anchor text.
  • spreading widely website designs with links to the same goal site in the footer or sidebar.
  • submitting forum comments that include posts or signatures with optimised links.
  • Using text ads that have PageRank value.
  • using software that generates links to a website automatically.

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is a black hat SEO method where massive chunks of information are copied and pasted onto several domains or the same website.

Utilising duplicate material as part of a black hat SEO plan has three purposes:

First off, one technique to target numerous searches without creating fresh content is to have various pages on a site with the same information but different keywords added in strategic places.

The creation of a collection of pages that target local SEO keywords is a typical illustration of this strategy. Except for the reference to the city name, all of the material on each page would be the same.

Second, using duplicate material to try to outrank the content’s original source in order to divert visitors to the target site.

Third, several copies of the same material can be used to spam search engines with duplicate content in the hopes that one of them would stick and perform well for the desired keywords.

Article Spinning

Avoiding plagiarism through article spinning is one example of black hat SEO.

Software that spins articles works by taking a text passage and rephrasing it sentence by sentence or word by word. After being spun, the text is now regarded as unique and avoids being flagged for duplicate material.

Abusing Structured Data and Rich Snippets

Structured data, which is sometimes referred to as “Schema Markup” and “Rich Snippets,” provides search engines like Google with more details that may change how your item appears on the search results pages.

Displaying recipe information, book details, business location information, and other types of structured data on a web page are a few examples. Reviews One of the most often utilised forms of structured data that is abused by unethical marketing is schema markup.

In order to mislead users and search engines about the content and manipulate rankings, black hat marketers give false information in Structured Data.

An example of this is when a website owner uses structured data to inflate the number of reviews on a page in order to have it appear more prominently in search results.

Fake Job Listings and Scholarships

An effective black hat SEO technique for link building is to create a bogus job or scholarship listing that you can advertise on other websites.

You may easily get employment boards to link back to your website by submitting a bogus job listing.

Setting up a page on your website that advertises a bogus scholarship is a part of the black hat SEO technique known as scholarship link building. A link to that website from scholarship portals at educational institutions is then encouraged.

Reporting Black Hat SEO

Google provides a procedure for reporting websites that employ black hat SEO techniques. For information on reporting black hat SEO to Google, see the linked guide.

Black Hat SEO Tools


Xrumer is a black hat SEO tool made for spamming online forums and comment sections. 


Numerous features for black hat SEO are available with SENuke. The most common applications include automatic link building, managing private website networks, and replicating Google searches where users click on your page.


Rankwyz is a popular black hat SEO tool for managing a private blog network.

GSA Search Engine Ranker

A tool for black hat SEO backlink construction is GSA Search Engine Ranker.

Without your involvement, it finds websites for you automatically, creates accounts, and submits your material and links.


An Internet harvester for URLs, keywords, and proxies is called Scrapebox. Additionally, it is a trainable multi-threaded poster that can post comments with your hyperlink and preferred anchor text on a variety of blogging networks.


A black hat SEO programme called GScraper collects URLs from Google based on your specified keywords and footprints before posting links to them.

Article Forge

Article Forge uses artificial intelligence to write high-quality content from scratch about any topic in less than a minute.

The Best Spinner

An article spinner is The Best Spinner. Using text-to-speech technology, this black hat SEO tool also enables you to create audio recordings from any article.

This application may completely spin sentences and paragraphs to ensure that your content is unique.


WordAi is another black hate article spinner SEO tool.

Does Black Hat SEO Still Work?

  • Black hat SEO still improves a site’s search engine ranks, but the effects disappear quickly. Black hat SEO techniques are no longer effective for long-term rankings or traffic because search engines are continually updating their algorithms to detect them.
  • Black hat SEO is most effective for quick gains on websites that run the risk of being discovered and punished by search engines.
  • White hat SEO techniques should be your main priority if you wish to employ a long-term SEO plan. White hat SEO is entirely secure, and Google supports it.
  • For additional information on this strategy, see my article on what white hat SEO is.
  • Alternatively, look at my in-depth analysis of the distinction between white hat and black hat SEO.

Is Black Hat SEO Bad?

Because it is an unethical activity, black hat SEO is harmful. Black hat SEO is against Google’s webmaster guidelines and, if caught, can have a serious negative impact on the long-term ranking health of your website.

By using black hat SEO techniques, your website may be penalised (either algorithmically or manually), which will result in lower rankings and a reduction in organic visitors.

Is Black Hat SEO Illegal?

Black hat SEO is not against the law, however it does go against Google’s webmaster rules. The offending site may be banned from the search engine and its affiliate websites if black hat SEO techniques are used.

Black Hat SEO Summary

I hope you enjoyed this guide on what is black hat SEO.

As you discovered, the basic meaning of black hat SEO is using special tactics to increase a site’s rankings on the search engine results pages that violate search engine guidelines. Black hat SEO techniques are a type of spamdexing that manipulates Google’s algorithm for unjust gain in rankings traffic.

Black hat marketing is an unethical form of SEO, but it’s still very common in the field, and there are plenty of black hat SEO tools available to aid marketers in this kind of activity.

Although the black hat SEO examples you discovered on this page represent the most typical tactics now in use, this dark art of SEO is always evolving, with new techniques appearing every year that search engine algorithms must be trained to recognise.

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