What Is A Bidet Attachment?

Updated on October 24, 2022 in General
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Older freestanding toilets look similar to traditional toilets, but function like a combination toilet with a built-in sink. Their primary function is to provide a faucet and spray nozzle to provide a more thorough post-bathroom cleaning. Modern toilet attachments offer the same functionality in a more compact design that can be added to an existing toilet seat. They are less complicated, easier to install than freestanding bidets (most require simple DIY installation with few tools), and many come with a long list of advanced features.

Xiamen Nete is a factory that specializes in developing, producing, manufacturing and selling Bidet products. Our mission is to ensure that this essential tool is available to all by providing high quality, yet affordable bidet products. After more than 10 years of development, we have continued to bring innovation while maintaining these core principles, pioneering the use of welding technology in our bidet products and introducing the world’s first ultra-thin bidet attachment. We always think from the customer’s point of view, think what the customer thinks, anxiously think what the customer anxiously thinks, and really do solve the problem for the customer. For the convenience of the elderly and children, we have developed push button control used for bidet series, and so far we are the first manufacturer in the world to produce push button bidets. Xiamen Nete has now been awarded as a national high-tech enterprise by the Government, and we have become the leading enterprise in the sanitary ware industry, hoping that our bidet will bring more convenience to every user.

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