What Has Kendall Jenner Been Doing Since Her Break From Devin Booker

Updated on June 24, 2022 in Entertainment
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Following her split from Phoenix Suns player Devin Booker, Kendall Jenner gave some glimpses into her life. Find out about a puzzling space-themed post the model shared following their breakup. After Devin Booker’s relationship with Kendall Jenner didn’t work out, Kendall Jenner has continued some otherworldly pursuits.

The NBA player and Kendall split up earlier this month, a source close to Kendall informed E! News on June 22. The pair “started to feel like they weren’t aligned and discovered they have very different lifestyles” when they returned home from Kourtney Kardashian’s wedding weekend in May, the source said.

According to the insider, they split up around a week and a half ago, but there is still a chance for a reconciliation because “they both desire to make it work.”

The newly single model has been having fun as Kendall and Devin decide what to do next. The Kardashians star was spotted leaving a studio in Calabasas, California, the same day E! News broke the news of their breakup, while sporting a tank top, trousers, and chic sunglasses.

Additionally, she has been posting snippets of her life on social media.

Particularly, it appears like Kendall is rekindling her interest in space after the breakup. On June 23, she reposted a NASA Instagram article explaining why the colours of Uranus and Neptune differ.

Both planets have a layer of concentrated haze, but new study indicates Uranus (first image) has a thicker layer, “whitening” its appearance more than Neptune’s, according to the agency’s post from June 13.

She left the post’s cryptic caption blank and without explanation. Maybe she just needs some space.

What else has she been doing since the split? One is listening to fresh music. On June 23, Kendall posted a screenshot of her morning playlist to her Instagram Story.

She admitted that Harry Hudson, a devoted friend of the Kardashian-Jenner family, was playing “A song I made after treatment.” She added a love to the caption of her Spotify screenshot, “this guy.”

Since she liked Harry’s June 15 Tweet announcing the release of this new music, it appears that Kendall has been counting down to hear his new song, which was released on June 22.

When Harry was facing stage 3 Hodgkin cancer in 2016, he talked about his friendship with Kylie Jenner and Kendall, who he said paid him visits in the hospital. Harry told Vice, “Those two are a blessing.” “They are similar to my sisters. They sacrificed so much just to be there and make a difference in my life.”

These days, it seems as though Kendall is destined for a time of relaxation. The 26-year-old mentioned nature hikes, meditation, writing, and organising as some of her favourite ways to “be more present and quiet my thoughts” a few weeks ago.

On June 6, she commented, “I’ve got some downtime these last two days and sometimes I find it hard to wind down.” “Get outside, start a new activity, give someone you love a hug, and smile! You’re in for some wonderful things.”

In 2020, Kendall and Devin were initially mentioned as a couple. Before going Instagram official in February 2021, the couple started dating in June of that year.

For over two years, the couple maintained their relationship with dinner outings and courtside kisses. They are now putting their romance on hold, but the person close to Kendall warns that it might not last long.

“They have been in touch since [the separation] and do care about one another,” the insider said.

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