What are the Best Movies of All Time?

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What are the Best Movies of All Time?

The evening is your oyster now that the popcorn has been popped and your sweatpants are on. Your next task is to decide which of the best movies you have access to will be the one you watch tonight. There are many timeless films you can watch in your free time, whether you’re looking for a romantic comedy, a murder mystery, or a terrific musical. After all, if the past two years spent cooped up in our houses have taught us anything, it is that nothing can transport us to a location that is far remote from the one we are now in more than a movie. These must-see films, also known as. The best films of all time are contemporary masterpieces, the best of the best, and the necessary pictures that, when you see them for the first time, make millions of people envious. There are a few that might be uncomfortable for you and a few that will introduce you to cultures and settings you are unfamiliar with. This list may be extensive, but FOMO never goes away.

Despite the warnings he receives from the local authorities, Rick Blaine’s (Humphrey Bogart) nightclub in Casablanca, which is set in the early years of World War II, serves as a haven for immigrants. However, when an ex-lover and her boyfriend appear, things become difficult for Rick because of the challenge they present. Casablanca, one of the most well-known classic Hollywood movies ever made, is a love story you won’t soon forget.

Ryan Gonzalez Rebecca McAdams A kiss on TV that you won’t soon forget. For those of the hopeless romantics out there who think they’ll eventually find their way back to their one true love, The Notebook, based on Nicholas Sparks’ 1996 novel, is a must-watch. It still isn’t over, even if it wasn’t.

Need we say more? Do yourself a favour and watch Titanic on Netflix right away if you haven’t already (but don’t say it out loud).

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s on- and off-screen romance was widely publicised in 2018, if you were alive, thanks to their appearances in the successful adaption of A Star Is Born. The focus of the film is on struggling artist Alley (Gaga) and rock star Jackson Maine (Cooper), who fall in love as Maine pushes Ally into the spotlight and faces his own issues. Be sure you have some Kleenex on hand.

Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke play a pair of travellers—she French, he American—who meet by chance in Vienna and decide to spend the evening together conversing and exploring the city before his departing flight in Richard Linklater’s swoon-worthy romance film. The plot was continued in the 2005 sequel Before Sunset, and the trilogy was completed in 2015 with Before Midnight. They are all worth watching again.

The You’ve Got Mail crew at Marie Claire is *extremely* devoted to the film. The 1998 drama/romance starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan tells the tale of two neighbourhood bookshop rivals who vehemently dislike one another in real life before falling in love online. We won’t give away the remainder of the plot for you. (The halcyon AOL times.)

Key elements of the art house film In the Mood for Love by Chinese director Wong Kar-Wai are the ornate costumes, breathtaking graphics, and lovely art direction. Although there isn’t much speech, settle in and get ready to be spellbound by the romantic scenes between two married neighbours.

is excellent, of course, but Audrey Hepburn won the Oscar for her role as a princess who abandons her plans (and her entourage) in favour of exploring Rome. She passes out on a bench and is rescued by a handsome American reporter played by Gregory Peck. a timeless romance movie.

The highest-grossing Indian movie of 1995, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, is a true joy. The Bollywood romantic comedy about two young star-crossed lovers who fell in love over the disapproval of their parents went on to win 10 Filmfare Awards, India’s equivalent of the Academy Awards, and completely altered the course of the industry.

You undoubtedly recognise When Harry Met Sally from the well-known “I’ll have what she’s having” sequence even if you haven’t seen the movie. However, it’s worth watching in its entirety to relive Nora Ephron’s ground-breaking screenplay and the lighthearted banter between Meg Ryan, America’s sweetheart, and Billy Crystal (it kind of set the stage for modern rom-coms as we know them).

What appears to be a standard rom-com at first glance digs deeper into the mechanics of mental illness as a bipolar guy tries to get back together with his divorced wife after being released from a mental hospital. He meets Jennifer Lawrence, a newly widowed woman with her own issues, who persuades him to compete in a dancing competition with her in order to win his wife back.

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