What are the 5 stages of a breakup?

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According to the mental-health-matters, there are 7 stages of breakup:
● Shock, disbelief, and numbed feelings.
● Pain and guilt for breaking up the relationship
● Anger and bargaining
● Depression
● The upward turn
● Reconstruction and working through
● Acceptance and hope

If your relationship was going very well, but you have turned out from your relationship due to any reasons, “It’s okay.” It can happen. It doesn’t mean that your life is going to hell. There are lots of people who go through this situation. But the only thing is that you should be kind to yourself and take the time to heal your heart after the loss of a relationship. Scroll down to read some significant tips on How To Deal With A Breakup.

After a breakup, it is not easy to get out of yourself from all the memories. So, after a breakup, it is a good idea to focus on creating new memories.

Although it can be tough for you to go to your local coffee shop or listen to your favorite artist, it can be hard to take your dog for a walk without your former partner if those are the things you used to do together. But use this opportunity to create new memories that will help you to move on After Breakup.


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