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To Monetize APK Websites, you need to follow three steps. It should never fail to interact with the right kind of visitors. Approach them with the services and products that it offers. Collect the contact details to retain a healthy business relationship with them in the future. 

This bulletin is here to make you well-versed there in the world of APK Websites with some evergreen tips and tricks.

What is APK?

Android Package Kit (APK) is a particular file format Android uses to distribute and install apps. 

Each android application is in the form of a package of one installation file with a .apk extension. You can go for any name, but its extension must be dot (.) apk.

Through this article, I will assist you in knowing some of the best ways to Monetize APK websites.

How To Get Started To Monetize Apk Websites?

There are multiple options available to get started to Monetize APK Websites. 

However, it is easy to say but hard to practice. Hard in case, you should be dedicated to spare the time enough to get yourself on the run. Once you are in, nothing and no one can stop you. 

In recent times, Google has adopted a few changed tactics for the monetization procedure in APK websites. But its solution is also there if there is an issue.  
Yes! You are getting it right. Today, many new and specialized platforms are there in the market. 7SearchPPC has emerged as a leader among them. It is a milestone due to its best priorities for APK websites to monetize quickly

How To Get Your Apk Websites Monetized?

Choosing the right strategies can lead you well on the way to being the owner of a successful APK Website.

However, you should never miss the point that a user-friendly APK Website is not less than a boon. It helps to boost and implement your efforts in a constructive way towards your goal. 

We are here with short headings that would undoubtedly make your APK  Website hit the headlines.

Best Ad Network For Apk Websites

7SearchPPC is one of the best ad networks to Monetize Apk Websites. It provides the publishers with high revenue for their quality traffic. There are some unique features of it, as mentioned below.

  • Payment with high CPC
  • 10$ is the minimum payout.
  • It has multiple payment options like BHIM, UPI, Bank Transfer, and Bitcoin.
  • You can also be part of its referral program. It offers you the opportunity to increase its reach to the publishers, and you are entitled to 15-20% revenue from that publisher.

Enable Google Ads On Your Apk Website

Google AdSense is Google’s program in which APK website owners can also take part. It is to offer the publishers many opportunities to Monetize APK Websites.

You will have to choose among ad formats offered and add them to your website: banners, native ads, rewarded ads interstitials, etc. You will get the opportunity of getting paid for displaying ads and offering their clicks.

The income you can gain using this network depends on two factors. How popular your APK website is and how interactively the user is involved.

Make Your APK Website Freemium

The Freemium business model includes creating a free website and permitting the users to buy paid content. 

That is a two-tiered split user experience website. In it, the user has free access to a tier. For having the key to its advanced features, they have to pay a certain amount of money. 

Freemium Websites provide you with high revenue. It’s an easy way to Monetize APK websites. monetization.

Give A Free Trial Version Of The Apk Website

mobile apk free trial

A free trial makes the client process the APK website for free for a limited time only- for example, seven days. 

The user gets hands-on with the website. Then, they decide whether to buy or not to buy it. Suppose the user does not go for it. They will serve not to use it. 

This method is mainly effective when you use it to Monetize APK Websites.

Prefer To Purchase A Subscription For The Apk Website

This method offers the client a monthly fee to take the APK website into use. 

Online cinemas, ebook libraries extensively use this option. If your content is relevant and appropriate, and the service is convenient. Then the model leads your website like a charm.

Provide Premium Features

This method works on the strategy. Users have to access the standard features of the website for free. But to use the app’s advanced capabilities, they would be compelled to buy the premium version.

But the premium features that the user has access to should maintain a level to incline the user’s attention towards Premium Features. Grammarly is a fine example of it.

Make The Apk Website Paid

The user should be happy to make a one-time purchase due to the brand value of your APK website. 

In the starting period, you can make your APK website accessible to all without any charge, but by the time it has become a well-known brand, make your APK website paid. 

This method would make you able to earn good money. All in all, your purchase value should make a good deal with your content and the user’s pocket.


As you can observe, there are free and clean ways to monetize your APK Website. 

Monetizing APK websites demand a good balance of many factors such as age, GEO, interests, how interested your target audience is. 

However, if you lack confidence and aren’t 100% sure of your abilities, the best gear for you would be to turn to ad networks for assistance.

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