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Top 10 Internet Marketing Forums In 2022 | Warrior Forum

Finding the correct network and people with whom to discuss your marketing difficulties is a struggle for marketing managers all over the world, despite the fact that we are situated in the United States.

It’s the middle of 2022, and you’re probably considering your options. You may be familiar with internet marketing and desire to delve deeper into the world of DM.

But where do you even begin? the query that arises each time you consider pursuing a job.

Many digital marketing blogs exist that can teach you about anything in and around this vast field. However, nothing is as peculiar as forums. It can be challenging to locate assistance when you need it whether you work from offices in Australia or anywhere else in the world, especially during COVID times.

Participating in some of the top forums available has helped me personally become a better marketer.

I’m going to talk about the top 10 Internet marketing forums in the USA and around the world today to help you become a better digital marketer.

Warrior Forum

This forum, which was founded in 1997, is undoubtedly powerful when it comes to internet marketing. It spews knowledge that you won’t discover in any other random blogs because it is full of webmasters who began their careers in the early 2000s. Although it also offers a premium membership option, the free plan is more than sufficient for new guys.

 Everything a marketer needs to know about conducting business online is provided, from link building techniques to affiliate marketing. renowned website for internet marketers that has a wealth of informative articles and tips on how to promote almost all current project types. This forum particularly shines when you create a Special Offer (WSO), since it’s an excellent method to introduce your programme, service, or product to a niche market of affiliate marketers, marketers, and SEO experts.

The WarriorForum Community supports the search for solutions to the most pressing issues facing the globe by utilising a broad range of reputable, high-quality, diverse research and expert literature. Regardless of whether you are a teacher, student, librarian, or researcher, WarriorForum Community will assist you in developing a strong knowledge foundation, staying current in your area, obtaining in-depth knowledge on hot issues, and moving forward with your exploration.


Yes, blackhat is incorrect. My favourite guru advised me not to pursue a black hat career. I can see how annoying it is.

However, consider this: Most of the time, it’s the bad experiences that force us to change for the better. It contains all the details you require on the methods used to work flawlessly. Here you may read about the development of search engines over time.

Blackhatworld was my go-to forum when I first began. Not because it contains subpar and dubious material. It has a network of knowledgeable SEOs and online marketers who will make you feel ignorant.

Digital Point

Numerous subjects pertaining to digital marketing are covered by Digital Point both in Australia andigital pointd internationally. When I last checked, it was rated for a number of keywords unrelated to digital marketing. So, while it may not be the finest right now, it does contain some specific information on certain facets of digital marketing.

This forum offers the meat that a newcomer needs to flourish, from design and development to affiliate marketing. Additionally, their marketplace, which is typically dependable for pure spamming, allows you to purchase services.

Traffic Planet


There is absolutely nothing wrong with existing Internet Marketing Forums having a larger rookie member base, but eventually internet marketers will need to move on to something more advanced, says Terry Kyle, the founder of Traffic Planet.

This forum was well known as the one where seasoned SEOs would go. However, a lot of newcomers are still drawn to it because there is no standard or system in place to evaluate a marketer’s level of experience. Many SEOs also recognise Terry as the co-founder of the backlinks forum, which gained notoriety online before it was discontinued. As the name implies, it’s a terrific way to drive visitors to your website.

Wicked Fire

Wicked Fire is the forum you want to be on if you’re interested in generating money online. It has mwicked-fireore than 70k total users and has several posts discussing affiliate marketing, particularly CPA networks.

Along with affiliate marketing, SEO, blogging, site design, and Pay-per-click are topics that are frequently discussed. It’s a convenient intersection for those attempting to learn about online marketing and make money with it. Many of the wicked fire’s contributors are wealthy, and they aren’t afraid to brag about it. Before participating in the conversation, I advise you to immerse yourself in the community and study the patterns. For those who are just beginning out, participants might be really challenging, so prepare beforehand.



Although many people may still be unaware of V7N, the brief amount of time I invested in my study was sufficient for me to include this incredible forum on the list. As an SEO myself, I was astonished by how much value some of the posts regarding SEO included. It’s amazing how few people still are aware of this community forum. It genuinely has a tremendous potential to be one of the top internet marketing forums, so hopefully it picks up in the upcoming years.

UK Business Forum


The forum’s name shouldn’t trick you into thinking something isn’t. A close-knit community on the UK business forum supports sincere conversation. You won’t often discover spammy threads because they don’t play well with spam. Don’t forget to join discussions if you come across threads with more than 100 post tracks. You will learn a lot of advice regarding local SEO, sales, and marketing. Even if you aren’t from the UK, you can still benefit from the amazing perspective it offers.



Affilorama is the place you want to be if you are serious about affiliate marketing. It was founded by one of the top PPC artists, Mark Ling, in 2006. It is a programme that focuses on providing discussion forums and training for affiliate marketers. Although affiliate marketing is its main focus, it also has threads about SEO and PPC. Affilorama is the forum to use if you need to improve your affiliate marketing skills.

SEO Chat Forum


This community is for SEOs, as the name suggests. This forum is devoted to assisting beginner-level SEOs in expanding their search engine optimization skills, as its tagline says.

It contains threads for PPC and social media marketing as well, but SEO is where it really shines. It also provides a fantastic audit tool for SEO analysis, similar to many others available online. Although it’s not a necessary tool, it does provide a basic understanding of the rules that webmasters must go by. One of my favourite postings on this forum has to be the one about email marketing for SEO.

High Rankings


Unbeknownst to many, I bumped a thread last year called High Rankings. And I have to admit that it has enough meat on it to draw even the most cunning SEO foxes. This forum’s main area of concentration is link building tactics and SEO tips. Additionally, it features one of the incredible SEM/SEO tools that you seldom ever see in current blog postings. The group is also welcoming and supportive. This, in my opinion, is the ideal platform for a novice entering the world of internet marketing.

There are numerous forums that regularly publish high-quality content. Although we couldn’t fit them all, many merit at least an honourable mention. Among these are the Problogger forum and yell at me loud. However, if there are any forums that you believe we missed, please let us know in the section below.

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