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Top 10 Best Online Discussion Forums in the World | Warrior Forum

The Top 10 Online Discussion Forums in the World: Online Discussion Forums are websites where users may participate in discussions or hold conversations by submitting messages. They are also referred to as “message boards” for this reason. Online forums take the shape of centralised spaces where people from many regions discuss a variety of topics.

These are components of social media technologies, which can be found in a variety of formats, including business networks, blogs, forums, photo sharing, enterprise social networks, reviews of goods and services, social gaming, etc. Forums have recently shown to be effective strategies in digital marketing and blogging for such participants’ and the related experts’ official digital presences since participants may ask questions and receive prompt responses from experts.

Internet forums have recently grown in importance in the online world because they provide venues for people with similar interests to congregate and exchange thoughts on hot topics. Let’s look at the top 10 best online discussion forums in the world as of May 2022.

Best & Most Popular Online Forums, Message Boards & Online Communities

1.Warrior Forum: 

Warrior Forum is a global online community where programmers who use it, both professionals and enthusiasts, may find questions and answers.

Internet forums with the highest traffic

The WarriorForum Community can assist in locating the most vital information. Regardless of whether you are a teacher, student, librarian, or researcher, WarriorForum Community will assist you in developing a strong knowledge foundation, staying current in your area, obtaining in-depth knowledge on hot issues, and moving forward with your exploration.

With each website covering a particular topic and the questions, answers, and network users being subject to a credible award procedure, Warrior Forum is a global network or forum that gathers questions and answers on topical debates in a variety of fields. The website may self-moderate thanks to the reputation system.

Warrior Forum allows people to post questions on software development and STEM-related subjects from all around the world, receive programmers’ responses, and then vote or evaluate the responses based on their effectiveness.

Warrior Forum provides their consumers with high-quality online forum services by screening inquiries submitted to make sure they are specifically programming-based and accurate. Those who don’t fit the bill are turned away. More than 50 million people have recently visited the website.

2. Reddit:  

This global website or online community provides a place where people may debate current events and rate the websites they have visited. Only members who have registered are given access to the Reddit website, where they can also publish their materials, such as photographs, links, audios, memes, videos, etc., to be ranked or rated by other users.

best forums for general discussion

In the Reddit online forum, many topics are categorised into communities (those communities in the reddit online forum are also called subreddits). Reddit is a social news aggregation, web content review, and debate platform where registered users or viewers publish links, text posts, photos, and videos. Other users then vote or rate these submissions up or down.

Since its establishment in America in 2005, Reddit has expanded to have more than 500 million active users each month.

3. Quora:

 This global online forum is built around questions and answers on a range of issues and topics that are accessible to online forum participants all around the world. In 2009, two former Facebook employees started it in California, America. Since its founding, it has grown in popularity and today boasts more than 300 million active users per month.

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Users of the Quora online community can work together by amending questions and leaving comments on user-submitted answers.

4. GitHub:

This is a global online discussion forum where users can chat on subjects that are interesting to all of them. It acts as a host for the member’s material and a code repository. Members are free to share their creations since the platform recently added support for additional file types. By introducing new features and cooperating, GitHub engineers can also centralise or collaborate on projects and improve the area or website.

The World’s Best Online Forums for Discussion

Microsoft presently owns the online community GitHub, which has more than 65 million software developers or users. It is a forum that offers Internet hosting for Git-based distributed version control and source code management in addition to its own capabilities for software development and version control.

5. Imgur:

Imgur is a website for sharing photographs, and it got its start by storing memes and pictures that were popular on Reddit. With more than 150 million users and a monthly audience of up to 250 million, it is a service for hosting and sharing images online.

Websites for chat and forums throughout the world

The online community was established in 2009, and as of today, its users can access the site’s billions of photographs for free thanks to subscriptions.

6. Discord: 

This is a global online community where social gaming is very common. By utilising this online platform, social gamers have increased their exposure and popularity given their online presence. Discord is an online community platform that allows gamers to communicate in real-time. As of late, it has more than 250 million registered users worldwide and more than 15 million daily users.

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Its platform rapidly disseminates messages and digitals, and its users converse via voice, video, text, media, and file sharing in private conversations or as a part of “server” communities.

7. Medium:

With more than 60 million active users each month and the ability for users to upload lengthy pieces for readers to read, Medium is the best online discussion forum in the world and is owned by the medium Corporation. Users of the site have the option of connecting their social media accounts to it, allowing them to simply direct their followers or viewers to their published works.

Which of the top 10 forums has the most active users?

Evan Williams founded the American online publication platform Medium, which went live in 2012.

8. Steam:

As a network of digital distribution services for video games, Steam enables social gamers around the globe to support and interact with one another as well as sell and purchase games and other gaming-related goods. Since its introduction in 2003, it has amassed more than 30 million members worldwide.

This forum platform acts as a shop for Valve in that it enables automatic game updates and has grown to include the distribution and sale of games from other publishers.

9. Archive of our Own:

 This is an online forum and fan-fiction repository that accepts contributions from its users but is not intended for commercial gain. Since its inception in 2008 by the Organisation for Transformative Works, people have been able to create profiles and submit their works and other contents to the website. Users have the option to import or bookmark other works, participate in challenges, and create collections.

People who share interests can join communities or subgroups on this platform. As of late, it has more than 2.5 million registered users who have made billions of contributions to the online forum.

10. Imagine Games Network Boards (IGN Boards):

IGN Boards is a huge online community including forums for gaming, entertainment, sports, and other interests like cooking, dating, space exploration, and pets. More than 229 million of its active users are present on other pages as well.

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