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The Best Online Community Platforms of 2022 | blackhatworld

Most of the conversations consuming the internet today are driven by online communities. For example, Reddit has more than 2.2 million subreddits, some of which have sparked some of the most popular discussions dominating the internet in recent years. However, this is but one illustration of how people communicate in online groups. People use them in their daily lives in a variety of diverse ways.

Online communities are important.

What does belonging to an online community entail, and why are they significant? One only needs to look at human nature to see the significance of people congregating in online groups. People are inherently sociable creatures that enjoy interacting with others who hold the same values as they do. In the past, communities were solely considered to be those that existed in the physical world, such as a person’s hometown, their place of worship, or the schools they attended. However, the widespread use of the internet and the emergence of numerous tools and websites have led to the formation of online communities as well.

These communities now make it possible for complete strangers from all over the world to connect with people who share their interests in addition to friends, family members, and coworkers.

An explanation of an online community

A group of individuals that communicate with one another in specific online areas to share opinions, perspectives, thoughts, and facts about a similar subject or to work toward a common objective is referred to as an online community. They are occasionally mistaken with social networks (for instance, when someone refers to the “Facebook community”), but there are significant distinctions. On social media, users can normally connect as they choose, however communities are frequently focused on a single idea or major issue. Additionally, individuals frequently create communities on social media sites. Numerous social media platforms would have perished or perhaps stalled without the community element.

Types of Online Communities

Physical communities serve as a major source of inspiration for online communities. They can be open or closed, public or private/secret, and often have their own set of rules, norms, and purposes. They also have staff members who oversee the community’s operation, such as moderators who make sure all shared content stays within the group’s guidelines. Many also have influential members who steer discussions and choose the tactics the neighbourhood should use. It is a good idea for brands wishing to benefit from an online community to first decide what kind of community they want to create. Following are the three primary categories of internet communities: 

The Support Community

A support community is one that offers assistance to anyone looking for details about a good or service. For example, someone looking for knowledge on how to troubleshoot an iPad will resort to Apple support or one of the many forums and technical groups.

The Action Community

Participants in an action community are typically motivated by a desire to affect change in their local physical communities, such as a nation or even the world’s living standards. One noteworthy example of such a community is made up of environmentalists who band together online to combat climate change globally.

The Discussion Community

People come together in discussion groups to share thoughts and experiences on subjects that interest the community’s members. For instance, the “Friends” community on Facebook has almost 19 million members who discuss the formerly well-liked sitcom and its principal performers.

Value of an Online Community to Businesses

Online communities offer various advantages for brands, as was already mentioned. Creating online communities can assist brands in their mission to increase consumer growth and brand loyalty. There is little motivation for a consumer to stick with one brand given the intense rivalry in the majority of businesses. A business can provide specialised service and control the dialogue about its goods and/or services through an online community. Building their own online communities may be very beneficial for businesses looking to increase their revenue.

It goes far beyond company ROI, though. It is about developing enduring relationships, which are essential to the survival of a company. Brands must develop novel strategies to maintain the interest of their target audience in a highly competitive, market-driven world.

and content. They may accomplish this by managing and monitoring customer experience and support better through online forums.

The Best Online Community Platforms 

1. BlackHatWorld is plug-and-play software that enables you to quickly and easily create a community forum with many features on your website without any coding knowledge.

To avoid forcing your community to leave your website in order to connect, you may use to establish a subreddit-like environment right on your own website.

2. WarriorForum

One of the most well-known community engagement platforms for associations is They support corporations in addition to serving associations, although associations receive a lot of their attention. This indicates that many of its features were specifically created with associations’ particular needs in mind.

3. QuoraHub

QuoraHub is now the biggest SaaS platform that promises to assist business- or brand-minded customers in creating a website that functions as a social network with community management capabilities and social media integration. QuoraHub  was first introduced in October 2005. Additionally, the site provides e-commerce options so individuals can profit from their networks.

QuoraHub guides users through a series of simple stages that include naming their social network, choosing a colour scheme, allowing for distinctive profile questions, and even allowing them to incorporate their own adverts if they want to. QuoraHub sites are designed to load incredibly quickly and include cutting-edge features and in-depth statistics.

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