Stranger Things’ Season 4 Volume 2

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Joseph Quinn Calls ‘Stranger Things 4’ Finale “Carnage,” Says He’d Love to Return for Season 5

‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Volume 2 hits Netflix on July 1.

Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 returns to the Upside Down on July 1. You can watch the trailer for the final episodes down below.

Joseph Quinn won our hearts the instant he strode across the lunch table wearing a sleeveless denim vest and sporting his wild metalhead hair. (If you ask Hawkins, he also stole our souls, according to the PTA.) There’s something about Quinn that has made his Stranger Things character Eddie Munson real and unforgettable to viewers, even if he attributes much of his success to The Wig in an interview with The Guardian. Eddie Munson is without a doubt the Season 4 character that, if he dies, will cause a riot due to his frizzy, glam-rock Van Halen hair and Dungeon Master-tude.

The actual Quinn, who is almost completely unrecognisable without his other half—the wig—hales from South London, where he started acting, mostly in historical dramas. Quinn claims that the audition for Stranger Things was predestined since it only took him two homemade recordings for the show’s producers, The Duffer Brothers, to recognise his magnetic personality. Quinn found the absence of an audition procedure to be “…quite uncommon and really disarming,” but after submitting his cassettes of Eddie’s fundamental speech, in which he laments the acceptance of parties and other social gatherings,

Quinn was granted the part and plays basketball while raising the devil horns. Quinn claims that the headbanging hair, which is “99.7% of the effort,” is what makes the transition from historical dramas to ’80s sci-fi horror seamless.

Eddie Munson’s character is partially based on Damien Echols, a real-life man who, along with two of his pals, was falsely convicted of murder in the 1990s because of their social outcast status, as fans may have deduced. With Mike (Finn Wolfhard), Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin), and Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) among the misfits, Eddie (played by Quinn) serves as a sporadic beacon of hope. Due to his peculiar D&D and metal hobbies, Eddie is ultimately accused of murder during a village witch hunt.

Quinn said that he “tried dealing with Dungeons & Dragons,” but that ultimately the music was what made him feel connected to the role. He “listened to a lot of heavy metal in preparation – Black Sabbath, Metallica, Dio,” which is why he was holding and caressing the guitar.

“The problem is that my family is entangled with them someplace, and if I reveal anything, I won’t ever see them again. I can only say that the size and ambition of the guitar scene are astounding. There is only devastation as a result of all the sown seeds bearing fruit. You are aware that the finale lasts 2.5 hours, right? It’s so audacious to end with this massive, feature-length episode.”

Quinn depicted Eddie as mysterious, sneering at his Hellfire Club members in one moment but empathising with the cheerleading captain in the next. Eddie was initially introduced to us as the scary Dungeon Master of the Hellfire Club. Fans love him because of his ambiguous heroism, which include refusing to get off the boat and eventually going to Mordor with his newfound allies. Quinn’s impish grin and exuberant demeanour are loved by the audience, and he himself attributes Eddie’s attractiveness to the “objectively ludicrous” wig.

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