Revealed: The Secret To Tom Brady’s A-Game |Quora

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Revealed: The Secret To Tom Brady’s A-Game |Quora

Want to discover Tom Brady’s secret to being at his best? The pregame is everything.

Tom Brady works hard to get ready for game day.

The Tom Brady rumours have been told to you. The superhuman athlete consumes more water than he needs. To make sure he is truly at the top of his game, he applies a rigorous approach to everything, including diet, sleep, and supplements. Brady’s book, The TB12 Approach (Simon & Schuster), and method, TB12 Sports, which currently offers both in-person (in certain cities) and virtual body coaching, can actually be used as a guide for us all even though we can’t all hope to reach Brady’s level of peak performance. To find out how to prepare like a pro, we asked TB12 body coach Joseph Koudelka.

What are some of the program’s fundamental tenets? To help individuals live pain-free lives and perform at their best, Tom Brady and his longtime physical coach Alex Guerrero co-founded TB12. Everything revolves around the idea of pliability, which enables complete muscle contraction and relaxation. This all-encompassing strategy includes functional strength and training, adequate hydration, mental fitness, and balanced diet. No matter their age or athletic ability, TB12 offers personalised body coaching sessions as well as ancillary items like proteins, electrolytes, vitamin supplements, exercise gear, and apparel.

eve muscle tension, improve blood flow and enhance your overall mobility.


How is preparation emphasised in the programme? Positivity is the key to it all. Determine your objective or goal before anything else. Do whatever it takes to remind yourself on a frequent basis of what you’re striving toward. Write it down and keep it by your bed. Add it as a note in your phone. This kind of motivation will make it much simpler for you to remain steadfast and work for your objectives. Aim to exercise for 30 to 60 minutes each day. If you are a serious athlete, make a commitment to including lower-impact, active recovery workouts even on “rest days.”

Some of my favourite exercises to keep you moving and aid in rehabilitation without placing too much stress on your body include glute bridges, front planks, lateral band walks, and body-weight squats. Along with 10 to 15 minutes of flexibility work, these exercises will help restore flexibility.

For your individual game, Brady’s TB12 Method includes completely comprehensive offerings.

Knowing whether to “push on the gas” or “push on the brake” will help people train more effectively and for longer. Everyone has a different threshold for volume and intensity, so it might be good to pay attention to your body after workouts to gauge when to step on the gas the next day or step off the gas with a lower-intensity activity like walking or self-pliability (foam rolling).


The regimen appears to place a strong emphasis on hydration. How can I most accurately estimate how much water I should consume each day? Yes! Half your body weight in fluid ounces of water should be your daily goal. After providing your body with the necessary fluids, notice how much better you feel!

TB12 Sports now provides virtual body coaching in addition to in-person coaching (in a few cities).

How do some of the professional athletes you deal with, like Tom Brady, demonstrate the idea of preparation and the program’s guiding principles? Many elite sportsmen are included in TB12’s mission to support people in doing what they love for as long as they want. Tom’s longevity and the work he has done with Alex are all examples of what they were able to create using the TB12 Method’s guiding principles.


Tom discussed the significance of thoughts, feelings, and attitudes in his book, The TB12 Method, while discussing how to perform at your best, particularly in the face of difficulty or adversity. Everybody may more easily follow the idea of developing daily habits thanks to TB12 and the TB12 Method. The TB12 Method, developed by Tom Brady, is a comprehensive strategy that everyone can adopt, not only athletes.


How do you interact with clients face-to-face today? Through flexibility therapies, functional strength and conditioning, and individualised approaches with a body coach that include nutrition, hydration, recuperation, sleep, and cognitive health, TB12 offers consumers the chance to improve their physical and mental health. For one-on-one consultations, individualised performance plans, and programming for injury prevention and recovery, our body coaches are accessible to TB12 clients. Although they primarily see clients at the TB12 Performance Center locations in Tampa, Boston, and Foxborough, as well as partner locations in West Palm, Philadelphia, and New York, TB12 body coaches are available for virtual appointments. They also have plans to expand to other states, including New York City, California, Florida, and more.


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