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Chat Rooms and Instant Messaging


Chat rooms are Web sites or apps that allow users to transmit real-time text messages to one another. The chat room functions as a virtual room where groups of individuals can post messages that are instantly read by others. Individuals in chat rooms frequently employ aliases or nicknames to maintain anonymity, and they use the chat room to meet new people. Individual visitors to the chat room who desire to communicate secretly can enter a private chat room, which allows two or more people to send messages to each other privately. Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and websites like Quora Hub are examples of chat rooms.   





Bullying has taken on new forms because of the Internet. Cyberbullying has been aided by chat rooms, social networks, e-mail, instant messages, and online gaming rooms. To solve the issue of cyberbullying, it is necessary to have a thorough grasp of the situation. We looked at a worst-case scenario in which cyberbullying involving collaboration between children and adults resulted in the suicide of a powerful adolescent. We’ve discovered that children and schools aren’t the only places where people are bullied; workplace bullying is just as easy to do threatening or harassing behaviours as it is in schools. Cyberbullies and griefers feel safe and secure in online gaming communities and realms, where they may carry out their evil acts without fear of penalties.

Adults, teens, and children must all be educated and communicate openly in order to influence and guide good online conduct. While government interference is often viewed with distrust, laws need to be reexamined and revised to guarantee that online abuse is addressed while maintaining our right to free expression.


Participants in the lab study were requested to implement the following chat room features:


  1. On the chat room page, users should be allowed to customise their username (application does not need to support account management).


2.Messages should be able to be posted by users.


3.The message list should update without requiring a full page reload.


4.Each message should include the poster’s username as well as a timestamp.


5.Users should see the last 10 messages sent in the chat room when they first access a page, and only the last 10 messages should be visible when the chat room updates.


Website: https://quorahub.com/


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