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Q&A Forum | Quora Hub

The QnA (questions and answers) forum is a place where community members can ask and answer questions. It gives members the ability to: Ask new questions.

You won’t know the background or reliability of the person answering your question if you post it to the Question and Answer Forum. You might get an immediate answer or no answer, depending on whether visitors to the site choose to respond, but you won’t know the background or reliability of the person answering it. There is no guarantee that responses submitted on the Questions and Answer Forum are valid as a matter of parliamentary law, and neither the Robert’s Rules Association nor the writing staff bears responsibility for them.


Under Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised, the Question and Answer Forum is created to facilitate an open exchange of opinions on specific matters of parliamentary procedure. The Robert’s Rules Association and the Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised writing team do not necessarily agree with or approve any remark made on it. While no responsibility is assumed for anything posted, the Robert’s Rules Association and the authorship team reserve the right to remove or otherwise edit, in whole or in part, scurrilous, libellous, obscene, or patently offensive messages, as well as any postings deemed relevant, erroneous, or misleading by them.


They also reserve the right to terminate or alter this forum at any time, including by deleting older messages.


Why use Q&A sites?

The goal of Q&A Forum sites is to help individuals solve their difficulties. Isn’t that true for your company blog posts as well? Use the sites to locate and interact with your specialised market. Build trust by giving them helpful, well-informed answers to their questions. You’ll get more people to visit your site, and you’ll get more leads.


Link building: In your Q&A Forum profiles, include a link to your blog. Answers should be informative, with hints to more in-depth solutions accessible on your blog entries. Include links to those specific blog posts in your responses.

Improve your SEO: The bulk of Q&A Forum websites show up in Google (and other search engine) results. Pose questions about your keywords and answer to them. In your comments, include links to your website. Your response is more likely to be voted up by your Q&A Forum community, which improves your site’s SEO.

Crowdsource your market:On these sites, people are telling you about their troubles. Crowdsource your customer research with them. Enhance your company’s offerings. You may also use them to generate ideas for future blog posts. The stronger you are at solving client issues, the more traffic you’ll get to your site.

Drive traffic directly to your blog: Include a link to your blog site in your Q&A forum profiles. Write informative answers, with teasers of more in depth solutions found on your blog posts. Link those specific blog posts into your answers.




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