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A forum on the internet is a location where people may discuss interests-related issues. Members have the ability to post topics, read comments from other participants, and reply to those communications. An online forum can concentrate on a variety of subjects and typically fosters a sense of virtual community among its users.

A blog is typically published by a user or web administrators and typically only enables answers from other users discussing the content of the blog, whereas forums are also known as bulletin boards or discussion groups.

. A forum usually allows all members to post and start new topics.

1 What separates a forum from a chat? 

2 How forums function 

3 examples of forum

4 resources for creating forums

5 Benefits of forums for web placement

Difference between forum and chat

An online forum differs from a chat room in that participants converse simultaneously, but in a discussion group, participants post messages that are then read by other participants each time they check in. In addition, forums frequently have a narrower concentration than chat rooms do.

How a forum works

It is customary for new users to register before they may join a group and post messages. This user must adhere to particular netiquette standards, which include showing respect to other users and abstaining from using offensive language. The administrator or moderator must approve a member before allowing them to use their username and password. In each communication, an avatar, photo, or other image uploaded by the member is typically shown next to the username.

In an online forum, distinct conversations are known as threads and are composed of member-written messages. In most cases, users have the ability to edit their own messages, start new discussions, and change their profile. Each forum participant’s basic profile includes optional information about them, such as their location and interests.

Participation in the topics is also permitted for the online forum administrator or moderator. The function of the administrator is typically to monitor and moderate the debate to make sure that the forum’s rules are being followed. If required, the administrator can change, move, or delete the talks.

Examples of forums

There are forums in Spanish that continue to be quite popular, despite the fact that  online forums have lost some of their appeal as a result of social media’s deterioration, which also makes it possible to start conversations and find answers through tags and hashtags. One of them is highlighted below:

  • Travellers\sBubble
  • HTCMania
  • Abandonware
  • Forocoches

Tools to create a forum

Even those with a larger number of participants, the majority of these discussion groups still adhere to outdated Internet trends and have a basic layout. In truth, there are a number of tools that make it possible to build forums without too many hassles.

  • phpBB. It is a versatile and simple-to-use free programme called PHP Bulletin Board.
  • MyBB (My Bulletin Board). It is a further cost-free and user-friendly choice.
  • bbPress. You can embed the online forum into a website with this WordPress plugin.
  • vBulletin. Forocoches is one of the payment methods they have set up.
  • Kunena. The Joomla CMS forum is housed there.

Usefulness of forums in web positioning

Before Google’s “Penguin update” in 2011, forums were a crucial component of the placement strategy, and they were utilised to add links in both posts and user signatures. However, many websites that were positioned by these tactics incurred significant penalties in their positioning after this update in the algorithm. Although there is disagreement about the role that  online forums should play in modern SEO methods, it is generally agreed that they cannot be employed as a stand-alone strategy but must instead be used in conjunction with other link-building tactics.


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