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Money Making Chat Rooms & Online Message Board – Warrior Forum

The web has evolved to include important elements like online communities, message boards, and forums. In spite of barriers like distance, they act as gathering places where people may interact, share knowledge, and offer advice.

As more people rely on online communities more frequently, they are growing in popularity. When producing the list of the top 30 forums, message boards, and online communities, I decided to concentrate on forums and message boards rather than the big social media websites because the majority of social media platforms don’t require an introduction. Enjoy, and I hope this rating proves to be as useful to you as it did to me. Websites for communities can also be found on social media platforms.

1- Reddit

Users can discuss and evaluate web content on the news aggregation website Reddit. Participants must be registered members. Members can publish content on the website, including texts, images, videos, and links. The ranking of these postings is then decided by the votes of the other members.

It was anticipated that there would be 500 million active users each month by 2020. 52 million people use it daily. The majority of the 222 million monthly users are from the USA. There are around +2.8 million subreddits overall, with +130,000 extremely active communities.

Reddit permits do-follow links, so you can use it to increase the number of backlinks pointing to your site. However, because most subreddits strongly oppose spam and self-promotion, you must add genuine value to the community rather than merely spamming them with links.

2- Quora is an online community that runs on questions and answers. This organisation was founded by two former Facebook employees in June 2009.

According to Google Trends, Quora currently has around 300 million active users per month, and its popularity is rising. This suggests that the popularity of the website is still growing. On the internet community, 3,000 to 5,000 questions could be asked in a single day.

3- GitHub

A member’s content is hosted on GitHub, an online code repository. It enables its members, the majority of whom are software engineers, to communicate the projects they are currently working on. Over 200 million repositories have been established by over 65 million software engineers who make up the membership of GitHub. Microsoft is currently the owner of Github.

This website’s repository supports all file kinds, from text to videos. For developers who want to collaborate on projects, it is a great option. It gives users the option to participate in a number of ways, including recommending new features, providing coding support for another person’s project, and much more.

4- Imgur

The website Imgur for image sharing debuted in 2009. At first, it offered memes and images that were widely used on other websites (namely Reddit). Later, users were able to host and post their images directly on the website without utilising any other social media sites.

On Imgur’s online picture storage and sharing network, which has +150 million users, there are presently over 2 billion photos hosted. The posts are viewed by more than 250 million people each month. Since the online business relies on adverts to cover its hosting expenses, it started charging subscriptions so customers could have ad-free experiences.

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