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Marketing Blogs to Follow for Their Expertise & Best Practices | Blackhatworld

It’s crucial to read a variety of marketing blogs to gain different perspectives and incorporate them into your campaigns whether conducting research for your own articles or just to educate yourself on trends and best practices in today’s marketing environment.

Following is a collection of some of our favourite articles that we read frequently for information, advice, and other purposes.

15 blogs to follow that encourage marketing

1. HubSpot

They are marketing industry titans and can be used for research while writing your own articles or for general education. They are mostly credited with inventing the inbound marketing movement. A slightly different audience is served by each of HubSpot’s two blogs, marketing and sales.

If that isn’t enough to satiate you, their entire list of blog subjects is certain to contain a wealth of informative material.

With those three different blogs, which are updated daily. In addition to their own employees, they must also employ a large number of guest bloggers who can contribute a wide range of opinions and knowledge. In the end, HubSpot’s blog is the gold standard for everything in inbound marketing, and we’re fairly certain it’s a lead generation machine!

2. Content Marketing Institute

Every day, including weekends and holidays, a new article is posted by CMI. In their popular “This week in content marketing” series, they discuss the most recent headlines and developments in the field.

Between “Current Hits” and “All Time Hits,” their most popular blogs are divided. They have several different writers who offer professional advice and analysis, just like HubSpot and their publication regularity. (The only thing that is distracting is the social widget in the left margin that prevents you from scrolling through material.)

3. Mention

Mention’s blog has a search box, consistently designed featured photos on entries, and prominent categories that are simple to see across the top. It’s simple to sift through the categories, which include “Most Popular” and even “Startup Life” to see what other readers think is most crucial for each individual area.

Mention has a unique feature where it displays the estimated reading time for each item beneath the featured image.

It’s simple to put what you learn in each article to use because posts frequently have a how-to format. A summary section that explains how to put what you read into practice can be found in even entries that aren’t particularly how-tos.

Additionally, Mention frequently organises webinars that are closely related to their blogs. On Tuesday, January 26th, join their upcoming webinar, which we are co-hosting with them. We will be discussing how to allow competitors to develop your marketing plan.

4. Autopilot

The “Liftoff” blog from Autopilot is exceptionally organised and spotless. They have a search engine, post a couple times a week, and are developing a fantastic marketing automation solution where you can “automate the customer experience, visually.”

Give Autopilot a serious look if you’re searching for a marketing automation solution. Lead nurturing and onboarding are easy to design and carry out because of their visual journeys!

5. Inside Google Ads

This is the official Google Ads blog, which provides updates, advice, and general information on their advertising system. They may not post frequently, but when they do, you can count on it having insightful information.

How could you possibly not want to read the original content if you are using Google Ads to advertise?

6. Buffer

Social media publishing is something Buffer excels at. Large, strong images on their site are simple to post on social media. They maintain funny and straightforward writing while occasionally delving deeply into data and performing excellent data analysis.

Blog posts also analyse how big businesses or individuals use social media and highlight their strengths (and sometimes where they could improve). Anyone can use the informational nuggets to inform their own plan in this way (smaller case studies, for example).

7. CoSchedule

The regular blog, which covers blogging best practices, content marketing, and even uses well-known organisations as case studies for readers to emulate, is one of two blogs that CoSchedule maintains.

However, their product blog highlights noteworthy improvements and cool things you can do with their product. Their blog titles frequently include brackets around “new features” to focus readers’ attention to the text and make it clear that a given item is announcing something novel that they may use.

8. SEMrush

Digital marketers might use a platform provided by these intelligence specialists to look up competitor information. Don’t let the name fool you, though. They are professionals in SEM as well as SEO, PPC, and content marketing.

They post frequently on their blog, sometimes more than one article each day. To enlighten readers, articles frequently focus on how-to and “what is” issues. Many of the articles are top-of-the-funnel content meant to educate their readership. So that readers can put the advice into practise and obtain competitive advantages

9. CXL

When it comes to testing and experimentation, CXL is the go-to resource. In earlier publications, we have frequently cited Peep Laja and CXL. Peep and his writing staff consistently create high-quality material. Posts by local authors Alex Birkett and Shanelle Mullin offer guidance that both inexperienced and seasoned market participants can use to achieve successful outcomes.

In the world of modern marketing, they are undoubtedly a reliable source for conversion optimization.

You’re missing out if you don’t read the articles Peep and his group write.

10. G2 Crowd Learn Hub

The G2 Crowd team has a tonne of data to work with for its blog content, including over 480,000 real-user reviews. Top-of-the-funnel “how to” and “beginning guides” such as “What is social media marketing” and “How to start a business” are produced by their staff in addition to software-specific material and best software lists. Their blog covers a variety of subjects, including marketing, sales, design, general technology, productivity, and more. Leading SaaS industry guest bloggers regularly contribute to it.

11. AppCues

One to two days every week, AppCues publishes a new article. The headline of the article is superimposed over the featured photographs, which makes them excellent. The image and headline will be correctly inserted when a reader uploads or retweets the article as a result.

Check out their piece from Christmas Eve, which is a clever spin on the lyrics of “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.” A title like this is particularly appealing because, as a company, launch day is usually a big event!

Additionally, as stated in their website, they “wrote the book on user onboarding.”

12. GetApp

You can read and follow GetApp’s regular blog and their “Lab” blog, both of which are separate from one another.

The blog is organised in a tile structure so that you may search by category and aims to teach readers “how to choose the correct apps for your business.” This approach is especially useful if you’re looking into the top project management tools you can employ. With the help of the category structure, you can rapidly filter the blog results according to your preferences. You may also choose to view the complete list of articles by date of publication.

The Lab’s main goal is to provide research, analysis, and insights to assist you choose the best software for your organisation.”

13. Disruptive Advertising

Over the course of its career, this sponsored search and conversion rate optimization organisation has examined ad expenditures totaling more than $800 million. In recent years, Disruptive Advertising states that they have examined over 2,000 Google Ads accounts annually and discovered that just 12% of terms generate income. You may be confident that they are aware of what works and what doesn’t in digital advertising with that level of in-depth investigation.

Their site attempts to inform readers on the best ways to use Facebook advertising, LinkedIn advertisements, display advertising, retargeting, and paid search. In order to let you know what to expect before you start reading the article, many blog titles start with a number. Additionally, their writers have a variety of backgrounds and alternate between different publications so you may read various viewpoints on a given topic.

14. Hotjar

The post-click landing page and digital marketing industries both greatly benefit from the heat mapping technology that Hotjar offers. Additionally, they give users access to an all-inclusive feedback and analytics solution that enables marketers to connect the dots and decide more wisely regarding conversions.

Their blog focuses on thought leadership, education, and offers a solution to issues facing businesses in the digital age. In doing so, they provide case studies to show how they built successful businesses using actual user behaviour research.

15. The Startup Chat

Actually, this isn’t a blog. On the other hand, the Steli Efti and Hiten Shah-hosted weekly podcast offers “unfiltered views and concrete advice from the trenches of startup and company life.”

Since subjects range from content curation and aggregation to blogging for SaaS businesses, the podcasts are beneficial for marketers who are attempting to gain their bearings in the marketing world. These two are your go-to options if you’d rather listen than read.


The Instapage blog comes last but by no means least.

We take great satisfaction in our research and are specialists in post-click landing pages, conversion optimization, and the remaining categories above (listed in the top right corner). In addition to using the categories, you can search for specific terms and browse the results.

The data and examples we use are current, pertinent, and cited from reliable sources in our publications. If you would like to write a guest blog post for us, please submit your idea here. We are pleased to accept guest authors.

Since we will soon be announcing some highly anticipated releases, please pay special attention to our “updates” category.

To reduce costs, always link all of your advertising to custom post-click landing pages.


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