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Making New Friends | Make Friends Online Using Online Chat Rooms- BlakhatWorld


Life isn’t always a bed of roses. Its journey is littered with both happy and bad events. In any case, you need people who are glad for you when you succeed and share your load when you are sad. Your family is frequently insufficient for this. Outsiders are also required to be a part of your life. People you may call friends, who have their names added to your list of loved ones.


Unfortunately, having friends nearby is not always simple. Despite having more opportunities to meet acquaintances in this digital age, many of us remain absolutely lonely.

Why is it so difficult to make friends?

Remember when meeting new acquaintances was as simple as painting with crayons? That does not happen until you reach adulthood. Not only is it tough to make new friends, but it is also challenging to keep old ones. Have you ever pondered what happened to make something that appears to be simple so difficult? We’re rather certain you have. Nonetheless, here are our top three reasons why friendships have become so difficult to form and maintain:


1#  Because there is no common ground


When we’re kids making friends is not that tough. At least, for most of us. However, as we climb the age ladder making friends gets more and more challenging. As teens, everyone gets divided into categories. The cool kids aka the jocks, the mean girls, the nerds, the drama club kids, and so on. You may or may not belong to one, and that can leave you lonely.

If you think your teen years are difficult in the friendship department, know that as an adult making friends is even harder. The reason behind this is simple – you don’t have classes, meetups or any such gatherings anymore. Meeting people gets rare, and you find yourself more and more alone.


2# Because we think it’s not cool

You can blame ego, our society or pop culture. Either way, the truth remains – as we grow up we start considering befriending people uncool. We think other people should take the first step themselves. We forget to put in an effort to make friendships work. We pave the path of our own loneliness and then complain about feeling alone.

Admit it – how many times have you avoided bonding with someone just because you think that the opposite person is not cool enough? How many times have you taken a step back from taking a step forward just because your friends don’t like someone? We’re pretty sure lots of times.


3# Because we are just too scared

Another culprit that keeps us from reaching out and making new friends is our own fear of being rejected or disappointed. So many of us have been scarred by so-called friends who have exposed our secrets, treated us inferiorly or outright ditched us midway. This makes us wonder if everyone out there is like that. The fear of getting hurt keeps us from making new friends.

Then, there is the fear of rejection. Several people are afraid of befriending others because they fear that the reaction they’d receive wouldn’t be positive. Then there is also the fear of being judged – so many of us are just not confident enough to be ourselves.


What is the need for online friendships?

You don’t have to only make friends in person. Along with traditional friendships make online friendships as well. Online friends can come to your assistance in several ways. They can feed your confidence, engaging in conversations with them can improve your communication skills, and more. Still not convinced why you need online friends? Here are our top three reasons that explain why you should have online friends:


1- They are there for us when our real friends aren’t

Your real-life friends cannot be there for you all the time. Not because they are not good enough but simply because not everyone has so much time on their hands. Moreover, they cannot babysit you. This is where online friends can come into the picture. They can comfort you during your sad times, celebrate in your happy times, and be there just to talk when you are bored.


2 – They keep us from acting needy and dependent

You know the moment when you and your friend are talking every day, but you feel bored and want him around even more? However, the stickier and more dependent you get, the higher the chances of this friend slipping away from you in annoyance. If you have online friends, you won’t feel that desperate for company. This will help you maintain balance in your real-life friendships.


3 -They give us more to talk about

Wondering what to talk about with your friends? Does everyone else have something interesting to share while you sit there nodding at their words? Is this keeping you from being a conversation starter? If you have online friends, you will have more to talk about, you won’t have to just be a participant who adds words but someone who starts topics as well.


4– Be polite to everyone

Don’t bully or harass people online. If someone is rude, choose to ignore them rather than engaging in a fight. Only argue if you think it is absolutely necessary to do so. Kindness will attract more friends your way and so will politeness. Hence, don’t be harsh. Do not abuse people or insult them. Avoid throwing sarcasm where it is not suitable.


5– Be open but wisely

Don’t shut people out when they ask you a normal question only because you don’t like it. Be nice and open. Talk about your interests and opinions. However, do not be so open so as to give out your personal details. When it comes to giving information about yourself, you have to be careful. Share only details that do not matter or cannot be used against you.

6– Offer help

Another way you can make more friends online is by offering people help when they need it. Be someone who is always there to offer a solid piece of advice. Do not offend people and do not act extra knowledgeable when you assist someone. If you help people only to boast about doing so, you’ll not make any friends.


  What type of people should you befriend online?

Okay, so if you’re still on this page, you must be interested in making online friends. And if you haven’t gotten started already, one reason can be because you’re not sure what sort of people should you become friends with online. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered here as well. Here are four factors you should consider when making online friends:


Befriend someone with whom you share common interests

The first step to deciding whether or not a person online is worth making friends with is by seeing if you two share mutual interests. For this, you should only become part of Online Chat Rooms that discuss topics that you find interesting. You can notice whether someone shares the same views by reading his or her comments.

Try to make sure this person is not sketchy

Secondly, ensure that your targets are not sketchy people. While unfortunately you cannot weed out all the scams and might still come across some, what you can do is notice a person’s activity online. Is this person rude to others? Does he try to draw out others’ personal information? Does he have any Google information speaking against him? These are some questions you can start with


Befriend those who are willing to be friends

You cannot force someone to be your friend. That is weird and can come off as annoying as well as creepy. Therefore, do not force people to befriend you. If the person you want to befriend online replies to other people but doesn’t respond to you, if he ever has some mean words to say to you, these actions show that he isn’t interested in friendship.


Befriend someone who is around often

Making friends with someone who only occasionally pops up online can be boring. Neither is such a person around when you want to talk about anything nor does he take you seriously. Most probably, that is. This is why it is a better idea to make online friends with people who are active and participate. Otherwise, you’ll end up becoming a part of a one-sided friendship.

Why chat websites are great places to make friends Online ?

When it comes to making friends online, there are several ways you can find and connect with like-minded people. Then why should you make friends online on chat sites? The answer is simple – because every member on chat sites is a member because he wants to make friends. Facebook is typically not considered the place to connect and chat with strangers online.


Twitter is for expressing your opinions whereas Instagram is for sharing your photos. Chat websites like BlackHatWorld have been designed for serving the particular purpose of wiping off boredom and making friends online. This is why it is a good idea to join online Online Chat Rooms for chatting with strangers online.

Ours is a great platform for making new friends online because we have Online Chat Rooms that have varying discussions and topics going on. This allows you to easily find friends who share similar interests. On our chat website, you can also learn the tricks and techniques of making friends and finding love online by reading our blog.


You can start by joining this conversation, this chat room, right here.


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