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when I get a book after I’ve watched the YouTube video or a TED talk I highlight the sections that I really find interesting most books today self-development books personal growth books all split up into pot here you can see part 1 part 2 etc etc and the first thing I do is I highlight the sections in that book that stick out to me straight away it’s like going through a menu and saying I really like the sound of that I’d love to taste it I really like the sound of that that’s what I want to learn about and that requires you to be really conscious of what you’re willing to gain from the book so as you can see here what I’ve highlighted in part one is too much information too many decisions I want to improve my decision-making so I’ve highlighted that in part two I’ve highlighted organizing our social world I’m super interested about how humans connect and so I’ve also circled that bit here I’m making a selection of the parts of the book that I want to read I always recommend reading chapter one the author has put so much energy into that chapter that you definitely should have miss it but after that make sure you’re highlighting the spaces that you’re really gonna dive into I recommend highlighting one to two chapters from each part now you may be thinking do I start from the introduction some introductions actually teach you how to read the book if an author’s done that that’s incredible make sure you read that introduction apart from that you can start at chapter one and then make your way through let’s do this .

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so now you’ve circled the chapters of interest you can dive straight into them and as you get into them I’m gonna give you a few quick tips on how you can make that process faster and more useful now if you’re someone who loves audiobooks there’s these really cool apps that actually speed up how quick you can hear now if you’re a reader like me there’s a way of doing that true when you’re reading as simple as it sounds in words you can use your finger as a guide the more you speed up your finger times 1 times 2 times 3 the quicker you’ll be able to read it’s the same thing audiobook apps are using right now you listen at speed one and then move to speed two and move to speed three you’re simply using your finger as the ability to start reading faster it actually does work the other thing you can do is focus on the most important words in the sentence we’ve all seen those examples where you can actually read words and paragraphs with all the letters and all the words are jumbled up because our brain is able to process the bigger picture quicker what I recommend is focus in on the more stronger words in a sentence hence if a sentence as 12 words you can read the most important four to six words and still extrapolate the same meaning even inside a chapter you can skip two subheadings and divisions that you find fascinating we have this fixation on reading every word finishing every book and finishing every page the reality is most of us never let that happen the tips I’m giving you are gonna help you read a book within two hours or a day and help you decide whether you want to read the book cover-to-cover now imagine if you spent a month or two months reading a book and afterwards felt well what did I gain from that what did I learn from that if anything what if you’re ready in two hours and then had the opportunity to decide to read the whole thing.

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I guarantee you when you do it in this way you’ll be able to read books that you really really value another way to speed up the reading process is read the first three lines and last three lines of paragraphs that you think you might be interested in if you’re not sure when you do that you’ll be able to quickly contextualize whether that paragraph has insights that you really want to know also this place a lot of emphasis in starting and ending paragraphs with key information you were able to grab it and decide if you want to read the rest the interesting thing is when we read even though it feels like we’re flowing across the words it’s not true our eyes are actually doing a stop-start motion and when I stop were able to grab information and when they start we move to the next so that loses a bit of time now when you’re trying to look at the most important words you’re able to grasp 90% of the meaning which is looking at 30% of the words it also stops your eyes from having to constantly do a stop start motion trying to make it flow …


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