How to Make Money With a Free Forum | Blackhat forum

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How to Make Money With a Free Forum | Blackhat forum

Free open source forums that are powered by programs like phpBB, vBulletin, and IceBB can generate income from one of three possible sources: advertising, membership, or sponsorship. All that is required are willing participants, trustworthy advertisements, or devoted sponsors. To generate steady income, combine these factors with a robust niche and technological know-how. It may be expensive for a Web designer to do extensive code adjustments in order to integrate a free forum with sponsor ad spots, ad networks, or subscriber gateways in order to generate a consistent income. But if your strategy is smart and your abilities are strong, you can succeed with little extra money spent.

1. By including an advertising network in your free forum, you can earn money from advertisements. Pay-per-click and pay-per-view are two payment methods used by advertising networks. Select an advertising network with customers who are most likely to interest the users of your forum. Let your Web designer know which one you like so that she can add the ad network’s code to your free forum. Then, to increase traffic, advertise your forum in print and online. As users of your free forum click on banners, links, or other advertisements, your income will fluctuate.

2. Collect money from a single, exclusive sponsor or a number of them prepared to pay for exposure on your free forum. In addition to those in well-known online ad networks, potential sponsors can be identified online and in your neighbourhood. These companies might anticipate that you would talk about their goods and images. Vehicle, pet, or gardening supplies firms, for instance, would be interested in free forums that include discussions on specialised subjects like auto maintenance, dogs, or gardening. Present your niche-focused forum to potential sponsors once it has attracted enough traffic and engagement to earn the trust of businesses and fixed earnings.

3. Membership dues should be collected from those with a shared interest. People will pay for centralized access to a variety of talks on important topics, such as recent laws, news items, and trends. Areas for problem-solving from peers may be present in membership forums that are useful to prospective subscribers. There is no ceiling on how much you can make from a successful membership forum, and as word of your forum spreads, you can make an increasing amount of money from it.

People who have a common interest should pay membership dues. People are willing to pay for centralized access to several speeches on crucial subjects, such as current events, news stories, and trends. In membership forums, peer problem-solving opportunities may be found that are beneficial to potential subscribers. A successful membership forum has no upper income limit, and as word of your forum spreads, you may expect to earn more and more money from it.

Types of Forums 

Two kinds of forums are accessible 

websites with ads Make sure you have the option to publish advertisements for free so you may even include your connection link into your thread if you are the first to discuss a particular strategy, business opportunity, or attention source, but only if you are the first. Make sure to read the forum guidelines and avoid spam. There are numerous topics that can be addressed in work from home forums, but you don’t submit an announcement. You can always advertise in your signature, but it’s only allowed in certain areas.

More pages will be archived into search engines as your website grows in quality and original material. More visitors translate into more cash for website owners.

Let’s have a look at the top 10 discussion boards for people in various professions who want to talk about making money online.

1. Black Hat World Forum

One of the most trustworthy forums may be found online. Search engines and their optimization, marketing, tools, and technical specifics are all topics that can be discussed on Blackhatworld forum and platform. Although making money online is not simple, Blackhatworld is the last forum where newcomers can engage.Blackhatworld and other forums cannot be compared in terms of quality and content. There may be information about numerous spam-free domains.

However, they do provide unique access, even though there is no cost. Your membership standards are rather tight. Blackhatworld membership is necessary for payment policy security, which has been provided by PayPal.

2.  Warrior Forum Community

An organisation called WarriorForumCommunity helps business owners take advantage of an online workflow. The seasoned individuals who have been learning for years are committed to finding success online. A premium membership comes with benefits and savings. WarriorForum is the most effective platform for internet marketers to build a website with various frightening video courses and the knowledge necessary to succeed as an online entrepreneur.

Share your thoughts with others as you continue to learn. An electronic cash marketing archive, that is. For WarriorForumCommunity in a forum, you must pay particular fees, though. There is no cost to join. Finding friends, instant chat, and other features like Internet Marketing Signature are all important draws that enable members to quickly create a niche community.

3. Quora Hub

The professional community of Adsense publishers is the target audience of QuoraHub. Google Adsense users and those that aspire to use Google Adsense frequently participate in QuoraHub. They will learn important information that is pertinent to their situation, from the principles of Google Adsense to more advanced Adsense tips and tactics to increase their revenue. Even AdSense publishing professionals are reachable. One line will have all the details needed to transform content into money online.

4. WickedFire Forum

WickedFire is a highly regarded and well-known webmaster forum that attracts a variety of online marketers. It provides timely information and advice from specialized fields without wasting words. Particularly for affiliate marketers, there is a forum called WickedFire. Different communities, like Digital Point and WarriorForum, allow people to sell their goods with ease.

It’s quite challenging to be successful when you use a platform to spread a certain message like this. People who try to con can be dragged out without ever making a single dime. But it is among the top 10 forums where you may actually earn money.

5. 5-star affiliate programs

It’s a new platform where businesses are attempting to raise sales revenue for affiliate marketing staff members. Affiliate marketers can obtain more significant promotion and advertising to increase their sales at 5 Star Affiliate Programs, which is a convenient, easy, and effective location.

Affiliate marketers might pursue blogs and message boards to build their network of contacts for your goods or services. The key characteristics of five-star programs are the high-quality, free data feeds and proactive high commissions.

6. MTurk Forum

There are two online forums offered by MTurk. For early and seasoned staff, the MTurk Forum is typically the best information source available. If you are a Turkish worker or a requester, you can take part in these forums to learn the finest hacks and strategies on mTurk to earn more money. The MTurk platform offers a terrific free tool and limitless learning opportunities. The user interface is uncomplicated and simple.

Participation is simple to acquire. Register, acquire your username and password, agree to the terms of service, and start participating. Another is the Turkish national forum, where MTurk is unrestricted in its news, information, and viewpoints.

7.  Trendri Forum

According to Trendri, there is no other platform for both online and offline money making. The functionalities are largely the same as those of other forums. On the other hand, you can speak passionately and constructively about your company. The subjects span from advertising models to designer textiles. There are a few guidelines to follow, though, before moving on. The forum asks users to refrain from posting spam or irrelevant stuff. Additionally prohibited is the publication of illegal material. Last but not least, the site will ban you if you use subpar services like hacking.

Writing blogs and selling goods are just a few different methods to get money. You can post advertisements for your offline company on the forum as well.

If you provide great dollar-for-dollar deals, people will buy your goods and services. If you plan to use the forum, be sure to register. Projects involving collaboration require alliances as well. Other features can then be accessed in this manner. Access to marketing and business concepts is available to beginners as well.

8. Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Forum

The Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Forum is a virtual community made up of communication companies like network advertising, business partners, and homeowners. It’s an amazing place that offers information of great value to like-minded people in the MLM sector who are eager to help. Free access is provided to the useful information. The Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Forum is a sincere, reliable, and attentive networker that also grants free access to a selection of recent marketing products.

9. Blogging Forum

As its name suggests, Blogger Forum is an organisation that supports bloggers in making suggestions for improving their community. Bloggers can talk about topics related to blogging, information, and blogging guidance here, including WordPress, Blogger, etc.

Even some wonderful advice on how to improve the appearance of your blogging is available. Search engine optimization (SEO), search engine positioning (SEP), strategic linking, and money-making prospects with Adsense are all possible topics for discussion.

10. BusinessAdvice Forum 

business advice Forum, as its name implies, is an online forum for website owners, small enterprises, and startup entrepreneurs. In essence, this platform is the international webmaster and business community that provides critical guidance on business management and expansion. Some of the more well-liked activities on the forum include sharing corporate information, having conversations about organisational issues, responding to business-related questions, exchanging business advice, helping to build and promote company websites, and posting advertisements in the advertising forum. Members can register for this forum for free, and the registration process is straightforward.


These are the top ten online discussion forums that have been praised for meeting learners’ needs all across the world. In order to directly or indirectly expand their small enterprises, thousands of people throughout the world have used these top money-making websites.

These online money-making forums are beneficial sources of income, especially when used wisely. It gives you access to a platform for hands-on learning, straightforward techniques, and feedback from actual customers who have utilised the services in the past. Less hype and swindling surround the posted contents. Instead of advertisements or overly dramatic frauds and addicts, it typically encourages honest and sensible discussions about making money online with genuine individuals. 

Webmasters and website owners can use these forums for conversation, which can help them increase traffic to their websites by utilising valuable backlinks. Avoid spamming on any of those boards; it is strictly forbidden. Any kind of spam can lead to a harsh ban on membership. Members are required to abide by the forum’s rules and regulations before using it or posting anything there. The introductory threads are crucial, so make sure to develop them and include them in the post-introductory part as well. If you’re lucky, you might be able to get work through a few internet job boards for smaller positions.

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