Highland Park Police: Take a man into custody,At least 6 killed in shooting July {4th}

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Highland Park parade shooting: A person of interest in custody : NPR



Hours after the attack, Robert E. Crimo III was seen driving a silver Honda Fit in north Chicago. When an officer sought to “initiate a traffic stop,” the 22-year-old attempted to run, according to Highland Park Police Chief Lou Jogmen in a press conference Monday evening.

“A brief pursuit ensued,” but Crimo eventually surrendered, according to Jogmen, who added that he was “brought into jail without incident.”

Jogmen stated that the inquiry is going rapidly and that Crimo will be questioned by department investigators “to make sure or see whether, in fact, he is related to this occurrence.”

When pressed, Jogmen refused to identify Crimo as a suspect at this point in the inquiry. More information, according to the police chief, is needed to link him to the shooting that killed six people and injured scores more.

According to Lake County Coroner Jennifer Banek, five of the six victims in the attack were adults who died at the site. All five have been identified, and their families have been contacted.

The sixth victim passed away in a nearby hospital. There was no extra information offered.

According to Highland Park Fire Chief Joe Schrage, among the nearly two dozen victims rushed to nearby hospitals is a badly injured youngster. Gunshot wounds to the abdomen and limbs are among the injuries.

According to NPR member station WBEZ, the “overwhelming majority” of the injured are being hospitalised for gunshot wounds. Some were also “injured as a result of the subsequent turmoil at the procession.”

Schrage said crews on scene responded quickly as did witnesses who helped tie tourniquets.

From a rooftop, the shooter opened fire on the crowd.

According to Sgt. Christopher Covelli of the Lake County Major Crime Task Force, authorities have no reason to suspect there was more than one gunman.

The gunman used a high-powered weapon and was on the roof of a company, according to the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. They allegedly gained access to the roof through an alley using an unsecured ladder linked to the structure.

Highland Park Police Take A Man Into Custody Over The July {4th} Parade Shooting

Highland Park Police Cmdr. Chris O’Neill said the crime scene is still active, and officials are clearing buildings in the area. People who have taken refuge are being transported to safety.

Witnesses describe a state of confusion, terror, and astonishment.


Miles Zaremski told NPR that he initially mistook the gunshots for a car backfiring or fireworks.

“And then, all of a sudden, the mob… began fleeing in a stampede,” he explained.

“Then I carefully moved nearer, and all of a sudden I notice blood on the cement. And I saw people in pools of blood… and I realised there had been a mass shooting.”

Zaremski stated that he rushed to assist but was soon pushed away by police and emergency personnel who were on the site within seconds.

“I watched the devastation and almost burst into tears,” he claimed, horrified by the events.

Zaremski has resided in Highland Park since 1976 and describes it as a kind and welcoming community.

The shooting was swift and lethal.

According to O’Neill, the shooter began fire about 10:14 a.m. local time. It’s unknown how many bullets were fired, but numerous witnesses said they heard 20 or more.

Because of the march, police and fire units were already on the location when the tragedy occurred. O’Neill went on to say that the agency has received training in quick deployment, rapid reaction, and giving relief.

President Biden and First Lady Michelle Obama are both’shocked.’

President Joe Biden, who signed a bipartisan gun safety law just 10 days ago, delivered a statement shortly after the incident.

“On this Independence Day, Jill and I are outraged by the senseless gun violence that has once again brought misery to an American community.”

The new law, he said, “includes acts that will save lives.”

The bill is the first gun-control legislation enacted by Congress in in 30 years, and it was signed roughly a month after two other terrible shootings shook the country.

The governor of Illinois brands the shooter a “monster.”

Illinois Gov. J. B. Pritzker asked for prayer in the aftermath of “the evil unleashed this morning,” but stressed that prayers alone will not solve the country’s gun violence problem.

“There are no words to describe the type of monster that waits and shoots into a throng of families with children celebrating a holiday with their community. There are no words to describe the type of wickedness that robs our neighbours of their goals, dreams, and futures “Pritzker made the announcement in a statement.

“We must — and we will — end this plague of gun violence.”

Mayor Nancy Rotering of Highland Park stated: “At this difficult time, our hearts go out to the victims’ families. On a day when we should be celebrating community and freedom, we are instead grieving the awful loss of life and dealing with the horror that has been imposed on us.”

This is an urgent news item. Some media reports will eventually be proven to be incorrect. We will concentrate on reporting from officials and other authorities, as well as trustworthy news outlets and reporters on the ground. We will provide updates as the situation evolves.

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