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What is Flexeril used for?

Flexeril is a popular muscle relaxant that works by blocking nerve impulses that causes pain. People buy Flexeril online for the treatment of muscle spasms together with skeletal muscle conditions such as pain, severe injury, or cramps.

Flexeril belongs to the Skeletal Muscle Relaxants category of drugs. Your medical healthcare provider might ask you to take in combination with other medications or exercises. You can order Flexeril online from various trusted online pharmacies with accessible delivery offers.

Flexeril is an effective short-duration treatment for muscle spasms. The Flexeril generic version is available with the name clonazepam at a much cheaper rate, but you may not get the exact required form and strength.

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Dosage, form, and Flexeril strength of the Flexeril depend upon how your body reacts to the medications, your age, and your medical condition.

  Flexeril is available in two strengths : >>>>>>>> Flexeril 5 mgFlexeril 10 mg. For muscle spasms

  • Usual adult dose- Initial dose is 5 to 10 mg three times per day

  • Usual pediatric dose- Initial dose is 5 to 10 mg three times a day

Your DoctorDoctor may start you with a lower dose or a different dosing schedule if you have moderate liver issues. It can help keep Flexeril levels from building up too much in your body. Never take this medication if you suffer from moderate or severe liver problems.

How to take Flexeril?

One should take Flexeril only for a short duration (for two to three weeks).

Your dosage for Flexeril oral tablet depends upon your age, medical condition, and other several factors such as:

  • how severe your illness is

  • how you react to the first dose

  • other medical conditions you have

  • other drugs you are taking

Flexeril and Alcohol

Flexeril relieves muscles spasms or pain and can be prescribed only to ease symptoms associated with neck pain, back pain, and tension headaches. If you are taking any muscle relaxants, you should avoid alcohol consumption.

Flexeril and alcohol both are likely to depress your central nervous system. They work to slow down brain activity, further slowing your heart rate and making your breathing shallow. And, no doubt they can make you feel sleepy or calm.

Flexeril Side Effects

Along with the relieving effects, Flexeril can also cause some adverse effects.

Severe side effects of Flexeril:

  • chest pain or pressure

  • fast or irregular heartbeat

  • sudden weakness or numbness, especially in a side of the body

  • pain spreading to your jaw or shoulder

  • balance problems, or

  • slurred speech

Common side effects of Flexeril:

  • tiredness, drowsiness

  • dizziness, headache

  • upset stomach, dry mouth

  • nausea, and constipation

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