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Earn Money From Home Using The Internet | Blackhatforum

Participating in consumer market research is the simplest and most popular option to make a little extra cash (up to $2500 a month) during this lockdown.

Only requirement: You are a citizen of one of the consumer-dominant countries with the quickest rates of growth, such as India, the USA, Australia, the UK, etc.

From one reliable website that conducts market research, you can make up to Rs. 500 each month (about). Within a week of joining a market research network, you’ll receive invitations to join their partners; 500 rupees multiplied by 5 sites is roughly 2,500 rupees each month.

Payment options include cash via PayPal/Paytm, Nyka/Shoppers Stop gift cards, Amazon gift cards, Flipkart gift cards, Big Bazaar/Grocery/Restaurant gift cards, and much more.

Customers like you are compensated for providing brands entering India with your insightful feedback. Sign up for this blog using only your email address to receive invitations to reputable market research websites that pay:

What is Market Research? Is it legitimate/safe?

Have you noticed that, these days, the first results on Google for the term “purchase” are from Jio Mart and Reliance Digital?

This is a calculated decision, not an accident. Amazon and all other top global brands are targets for Reliance. The current Swadeshi Atm-nirbhar movement will benefit them the greatest.

What has this to do with the consumer market research industry?

All big corporations, including Apple, have started relocating their manufacturing facilities to India as a result of the popularity of the “India vs. China” war. Increased economic activity would result in more jobs and more discretionary income when India emerges as a major hub for global manufacturing.

More global firms will seek Indian customers’ thoughts on their purchase behaviours (i.e., consumer market research) as disposable income rises due to increased spending, especially in times of recession and lockdown.

Market research is not a quick-and-dirty way to “become rich.” You cannot replace your usual 9 to 5 job with this path. You can make between $500 and $2500 every month.

depends on how much spare time you intend to spend expressing your ideas to major brands.

Let’s look at some additional opportunities to make money in your spare time:

Blog Open blogger.com (for beginners I prefer this over WordPress and the Adsense account gets approved faster)

Learn how to start a successful blog here.

YouTube Why not make videos now that video consumption is increasing and blog consumption is declining?

A YouTuber feeds his rabbit after it awakens after putting it to sleep. In order to make more than Rs. 5,00,000 each month, he records the entire process and posts the footage to YouTube.

Adapted from OneMorePlease (Channel name)

If that sounds like too much work, one can make over Rs. 25,00,000+ by simply purchasing crispy fried chicken online. Still not convinced? Observe the YouTube channel shown below.

SAS-ASMR as a source (Channel name)

Fiverr.com Do you have a reputation for being the one to counsel pals going through breakups or difficult times? On this quickly developing platform, you can sell anything. Find out what information a novice on Fiverr needs to know.

The Self-Publishing

Forget about making a million rupees; if you succeed with self-publishing, you can make a million dollars. A fantastic place to begin is with Amazon Kindle.


You can use Airbnb to rent out a spare room in your house or to invest in more living space. When a reservation is made, you can charge travellers for the use of the area and make extra money.

Part-time Social Media Manager

A growing number of organisations and businesses are using social media sites (including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Quora, etc.) to market their goods and services because having an active presence on social media is now the standard rather than the exception.

Writing eBooks

I tried my hand at authoring eBooks because I like to write.

Making money by taking pictures is the simplest approach to making money, but you need to be aware of the types of images that are acceptable in the sector. Stock video can also be sold. Just film a crowd, market it as stock video, and you’ll be paid every time someone buys it.


Get 1,000 followers by just following random users (but make sure you do it slowly). With just a few first posts, you can easily get 20 to 30% of those followers to follow you back. By exchanging tags with other pages, you may either grow your page and promote products or simply get fans.

Stock market: Purchase enticing shares

Purchase any brand’s shares you intend to buy in the near future (i.e., during a lockdown), as the post-Corona world will be more centred on necessities and less on comfort and luxury. Purchase important commodities brand stocks, such as FMCG and Pharma.

Lending between individuals: Lendbox or Faircent: Peer to Peer Lending India | Personal Loans & Alternative Investing

Lend tiny sums, such as $25,000, $50,000, etc.

It is similar to establishing your own small financing company. However, these portals take care of the danger of non-payment that is evident in this (as in any bank).

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Bonus advice (that might be useful during a lockdown): Use choices like Lazypay (by Payu) on Best online recharge solution to pay your outstanding bills (if you need money right away). It functions as a short, quick loan without any security.

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