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Perhaps the first social media site was a discussion forum. People who first used the Internet may remember the newsgroups or special interest groups (SIGs) that were housed on the first websites and systems connected to the Internet. These communities had their origins in technical subjects, but they gradually grew to include just about any topic that might draw users. These Forums have developed and are now housed on social networking sites geared toward consumers.


From a social analytic perspective, discussion forums are particularly useful because they are extremely focused in their content and offer a direct look at the subject being discussed. Although the information is frequently unstructured, it contains a variety of social data types that can be used to improve organisational decision procedures. A great illustration of a discussion-driven community is Flyertalk.com, which hosts debates specific to the airline sector. Frequent flyer forums, travel news, discussions about upscale hotels, and guidance on all things airline-related are among the topics covered.


Discussion forum get more and more user-friendly with time. Forums traditionally organised messages by threads, which included a topic, date, and time. Users might reply to a specific message or start a new thread if they so desired. Many websites needed visitors to register for a user ID and password in order to participate in forums. Additionally, these forums often featured a set of guidelines that prohibited abusive or inappropriate language and reserved the right to ban any participants who misbehaved. There were moderators for some discussion boards who read posts before they were uploaded to make sure they adhered to the rules of the website.


Many different types of organisations, including companies and educational institutions, have used discussion forums. For instance, in the late 1990s, several college professors started using online forums as a teaching resource. To debate class issues, students were urged to post in designated forums established by the school or lecturer. However, those looking for information made up the majority of discussion forum participants. In the middle of the 1990s, a plethora of discussion forums arose for these users.


BlackHat World Community is the global forum and marketplace for cutting-edge digital marketing techniques and methods to help you make money in digital marketing today.


Students and experts can ask and answer questions regarding programming on Blackhatworld, a discussion forum. It serves as a forum for showcasing their expertise. The community is free, and programmers contribute useful answers that benefit other users. When other users upvote certain answers, the persons who provided them rise in popularity based on the calibre of their responses.


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