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Citra tramadol pink pill Even at very low doses, the effects of combining Tramadol and alcohol can be harmful and include unpredictable individual reactions. This limits the effectiveness of a combination of both drugs when both take in small doses. There is an increased risk of side effects when tramadol is mixed with alcohol. Citra tramadol pink pill

However, the Citra tramadol pill slowing the firing rate of these neurons can lead to organ damage because of a lack of oxygen due to decreased blood flow to vital organs such as the brain. This lack of oxygen often referred to as hypoxia, can occur with repeated administration in acute conditions or in combination with high doses of tramadol and alcohol. Citra tramadol 100mg pink pill

Citra tramadol 100mg pink pill, In addition, the physical effects of alcohol and tramadol include shortness of breath, increased blood pressure, and heart rate. These drugs reduce the firing rate of neurons in the brain stem that controls these automatic life-sustaining functions. Citra tramadol pill When a person mixes alcohol with an opioid drug such as tramadol, it can lead to significant suppression of these neurons and a significant and potentially dangerous reduction in the above functions. Obviously, when taken in large amounts, either the drug or both can inhibit the firing of these neurons and result in a state of potentially fatal coma. People who overdose on this combination can stop breathing and die. Citra tramadol pill

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