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Description of Xanax

Xanax is a prescription bases drug to treat anxiety and panic attacks. It belongs to the family of benzodiazepines, used to calm the nerves of the patient. Usually, doctors prescribe xanax to treat anxiety disorder. As Alprazolam is so frequently prescribed in both xanax and generic form, it is easily found in the cabinets. It is the most prescribed to treat the symptoms of anxiety.

A person suffering from clinical anxiety takes Xanax as prescribed by their health care provider. It is a habit-forming drug, so usually taken under the doctor’s prescription only. Xanax comes in different forms and shapes. Each form of this has different strengths. If you or your loved ones are dealing with a dependence on blue xanax, this guide will help you know about this medicine.

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What are blue Xanax and its uses?

When we talk about blue xanax, we are not talking about other brands of Alprazolam. It relates only to the appearance and strength of the drug. It is a blue color elliptical or oval shape pill imprinted with XANAX 1.0. You can buy blue xanax online from our online pharmacy to get overnight delivery.

Blue xanax is 1 mg strength of Alprazolam. Many times these pills are scored so that you can break them into proportionate doses. It is a smallest strength of Alprazolam but is still addictive.

When a patient is diagnosed with any symptoms for which xanax is prescribed, the doctor will usually recommend the lowest dose of .25 mg at the initial stage. After getting used to the medication, they may decide to increase the daily amount. Do not increase the maximum dose above 4 mg per day in three divided doses.

Usually, pharmacists recommend taking blue xanax orally. The effect of the medication within one hour and concentration in the bloodstream happens in 1 to 2 hours after taking medicine. Avoid crushing or chewing the drug; it may result in overdose and ineffectiveness of the medication.


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Xanax types

There are several different types of Xanax, each with another name and dosage. Red Xanax is the most common type, and it’s usually used to treat mild to moderate anxiety. Yellow Xanax is used for more severe cases of stress, and Xanax XR is a newer version of the drug meant explicitly for treating anxiety disorders that don’t respond well to other treatments.

Red Xanax: The red Xanax work by calming the user and reducing their anxiety. They are also occasionally used to treat insomnia or alleviate the symptoms of drug or alcohol withdrawal. Red Xanax 2mg is available in pill form.

Yellow Xanax: Xanax bars with r039 print are becoming more popular among drug users because of their high potency. These bars are available in various locations, including online auctions and street corners. The high strength of the bar means that it can produce a more substantial effect than other forms of Xanax.

Blue Xanax: Like other Xanax pills, a blue Xanax 1mg pill is different from others only because it has an extra dosage. A blue Xanax 1mg pill marked XANAX 1.0 will be either elliptical or oval-shaped and is identified simply as Blue Xanax 1mg.

Xanax XR: XANAX XR extended-release tablets are sold as Xanax 0.5 mg white, pentagonal-shaped tablets debossed with “X” on one side and “0.5” on the other side. 1 mg yellow, square-shaped tablets debossed with “X” on one side and “1” on the other.


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Possible side effects of blue xanax

Xanax is a lifesaver for people who are dealing with anxiety and panic disorder. It often affects the patient psychologically and physically.

Physical side effects

  • dry mouth

  • dizziness

  • fatigue

  • seizures

  • blurred vision

  • difficulty in breathing

  • nausea

  • lack of coordination

  • tremors

Psychological effects

Xanax is to relax the mind of the patient and gives the feeling of euphoria. It can improve the mood but can also provide some inappropriate mood swings and make them irritated. People report of unable to focus and experiencing some memory loss and confusion.


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If you notice any of these symptoms, call for immediate help. The person caring for you should know about the effects of the medicines.

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