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What is Hydrocodone?

Hydrocodone is an opioid analgesic. ZohydroER and HysinglaER are sustained-release, or ER (extended-release) forms of Hydrocodone used for around-the-clock treat severe pain. Sustained Release or ER form of Hydrocodone is not intended for pain use on an as-required basis. If you are looking for an appropriate and the best website to buy Hydrocodone 10/750 online, you are most welcome to Paxiful.



Dosage of Hydrocodone 10/750:

The primary adult dose of Hydrocodone for Chronic pain: Hydrocodone dosage can be divided into two kinds of patients. The first is those who are not Opioid-tolerant patients, and the second is those who are Opioid-tolerant.


Opioid pain relievers for opioid-tolerant patients.

Hydrocodone ER (extended-release) tablets: The 50 milligrams capsules, a single dosage greater than 41 milligrams, or a total regular dosage greater than 80 milligrams are reserved for Opioid tolerant people.

Can we use Hydrocodone and Alcohol together?


Combining Alcohol and Hydrocodone can be dangerous to your body. If you take it together, you may get severe unwanted symptoms in your body. It may even cause death. Mixing these substances may lead to a host of severe health issues ranging from lack of motor control to coma and heart failure.

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