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Blanke SECURMAT, a tear-proof uncoupling roll that offers an incredibly secure bonding surface to natural stone and ceramic tile installation on indoor floors and walls.

The Blanke SECURMAT also offers crack isolation that can help protect the tile’s covering due to moving the substrate laterally. The lightweight, simple-to-install underlayment has a low elevation and needs a thinner thin-set than roll and uncoupling products. The Blanke SECURMAT is an ideal substrate for new installations and remodeling existing substrates.

Typical Applications:

Blanke SECURMAT is a great alternative to backing board underlayment used for commercial and residential interior floor tiles over wood substrates.

The Blanke SECURMAT is also employed as a crack-suppression membrane on cement substrates, where tension cracks and lateral movement are potential issues.

Blanke SECURMAT Blanke SECURMAT is an excellent flooring underlayment that can be used for new installations as well as refurbishments of flooring materials.

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