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A bulletin board (BB or Bboard), discussion forum, discussion board, and forum are places where people can post messages to share views, ideas, or help with one another; they should not be mistaken with a form. Chat differs from forums in that it is nearly never live and is always accessible. A possible forum layout is depicted in the image, along with a sample of the Computer Hope support forum.

Forum etiquette

The guidelines listed below should be adhered to when using any online forum.

  • Act in the same way you would when conversing with real people.
  • Do not use chat lingo.
  • Make a brief subject that describes the post’s topic or motivation when you make a new one.
  • Make an effort to spell every word accurately and punctuate all sentences correctly. Recognize, though, that nobody is flawless.


Use a browser’s built-in spell checker to make your spelling better. How to spell check content in an online forum can be found here if you need assistance.

  • Give your post some time to receive feedback or the question’s answers. Bumping a message repeatedly or pestering other users to reply is ineffective and generally discouraged.
  • Avoid writing in all caps, which gives the impression that you are yelling.
  • Before making a new post, read the “Readme first” or other sticky posts.
  • Respect each and every forum user.
  • Avoid going into excessive detail or making posts longer than three paragraphs. Long posts might receive a TL;DR response.
  • Don’t necropost or comment on outdated threads.
  • Observe the guidelines established by the forum administrators.

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