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Definition – What is black hat SEO?

Black hat SEO is the phrase for utilising certain techniques to improve a website’s or web page’s ranking in search results by breaking the terms of service of the search engine.

Why would anyone deviate from what search engines recommend, you may be asking. In spite of the fact that Google and other search engines do not endorse such strategies, black hat SEOs use them because they can increase a website’s or web page’s rating in search results. Many times, persons who engage in black hat SEO do so with full knowledge that they are breaking the terms of service of the search engines, but they nevertheless utilise them because they get speedy results.

In the SEO industry, individuals who use unethical tactics are known as Black Hat, whereas those who adhere to moral standards and Google’s rules are known as White Hat SEO. Webmaster guidelines for both Google and Bing are widely accessible online and list the numerous black hat SEO techniques that these search engines disapprove of. What are some typical black hat SEO strategies then?

  1. Hidden text is text that search engines can read but users cannot see since it is white text on a white background.

This frequently entails keyword stuffing, which I’ll explain next. Cloaking, another unethical SEO tactic, is the deliberate alteration of a website such that the content displayed to search engines differs from that displayed to users.

  1. Keyword stuffing is the technique of cramming a webpage with so many of your target keywords that it makes the content seem forced. It occurs when a page of text transitions from being simple to read and understand to being difficult to grasp because the same keywords are used repeatedly.

Web copy that lacks substance and merely repeats your keywords without adding any value to the reader is not helping search engines achieve their goal of giving users the highest quality results, and it is not helping users find the information they need. Search engines look to provide users with content that is helpful to them and that answers their questions.

  1. Purchasing links – Since links are one of the top two ranking factors in Google’s algorithm, a website’s ability to rank well in search results is greatly influenced by the quantity and quality of its backlink profile. You should never buy links in general and you should be wary of any company that offers to buy backlinks to your website. Google has tools in place to identify bought links, and if they do discover that your website is guilty of having bought backlinks, your website may suffer as a result.

Is black hat SEO really that bad?


Utilising black hat SEO techniques could result in search engines blocking your website. It gets riskier to use these techniques as search engines become more adept at detecting spam and unethical SEO approaches. While you might experience some short-term, limited success in the form of an increase in site traffic or rankings, those effects won’t last long because Google has the power to de-index you for these actions.

Your rankings, online traffic, and possibly even your company as a whole will all suffer as a result. The only real approach to boost your website’s visibility online and attract more leads, visitors, and search engine rankings is to:

Signs your agency is practising black hat SEO

Know the red flags to look for:

  1. Do they send out reports on a regular basis? What is the information’s source?

How can you be certain that the information they are providing you is correct if the data source is not clear? The best advice I can give is to look for companies who use Google Analytics, as it is one of the most reliable data sources available.

  1. Do they exhibit transparency in the work they produce? Do you feel in the dark about what they are truly doing for your website, or the opposite?

If you don’t know what’s happening to your site, keep in mind that blissful ignorance isn’t always the best policy. If Google penalises your website in the future, you may not care now that your results are so good, but you will punish yourself very hard for not paying attention to the strategies being employed on your site.

  1. They Don’t Offer Recommendations – If your SEO company only operates in the background, doing who knows what, and doesn’t frequently offer fresh suggestions for updating and improving your website, their approaches may be dubious.

Ivory hat Your SEO agency will collaborate with you as a partner to guarantee that you both succeed online. Creating new content that is useful to users, updating and submitting your sitemap so search engines can easily crawl and index your content, evaluating your website’s technical files, such as the robots.txt, to ensure they follow best practises, or disavowing spammy links that are hurting your site more than helping, are all examples of areas where they should be making actionable suggestions for site improvements.

If your SEO agency is not providing regular recommendations to improve results, then it may be time to find one that does. So that’s black hat SEO in a nutshell! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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