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Best Q&A Site | Quora Hub

Quora Hub is a social questions & Answers Engine which will help you establish your community and connect with other people, Questions Or Answers.


What’s the Best Q&A Site?


Whether it’s quasars, quilting, or crayons, everyone knows a lot about something. However, the contrary is also true: there are many facts about which most people are unaware. Unfortunately, this does not appear to deter people from expressing their views.


That’s one takeaway from my recent analysis of the expanding number of social question-and-answer websites, where members may ask questions, answer other members’ questions, and evaluate other members’ answers–all for free. However, getting truly helpful information from these sites requires a lot of sifting. Each has a core of dedicated individuals who leave detailed and well-documented responses to the questions they think are important.

. And the majority of the sites feature mechanisms for assessing the quality or experience of replies, making it easier to gauge their reliability while also encouraging members to compete for the best answers. However, not all Q&A sites are created equal; after all, the firms who administer these sites are in the business of selling advertising space, not information.


 I awarded each site three points for the richness and originality of its features, as well as three points for the quality of the replies to my three questions.


The Results:

  1. Quora Hub

2.Black Hat World.Community

  1. Warrior forum
  2. Wondir
  3. Yahoo Answers

Quora Hub

Quora Hub is among you all to expand your sphere of knowledge. Our mission is to share knowledge and grow together. Sometimes, the knowledge we all have is held in our heads and is accessible only if we know the right people. Quora Hub is a bridge that connects people who have knowledge with people who need it. We connect people with different perspectives and help them understand each other better.


To empower everyone with knowledge and benefit the world, we offer a wide range of questions. These questions affect people’s lives, explain recent world events, guide important life decisions, and provide insights into other people’s different thinking.


Quora Hub is a platform where you are free to ask questions that are important to you and get answers from people who have been at your place and done that. It’s a place where scientists, entrepreneurs, mechanics, artists, and homemakers take refuge from misinformation and make them share what they know.


Black Hat World Community

BlackHat World Community is the global forum and marketplace for cutting-edge digital marketing techniques and methods to help you make money in digital marketing today.

Great writers can help you better understand the way of the world. They understand why people behave the way they do, why individuals behave the way they do, and what can we do to make this world a better place.

Millions of people search for answers on the web and millions write answers on BlackHatWorld, every week. People trust us because we provide authentic answers from people who really understand the issue and have first-hand knowledge.

Warrior Forum

WarriorForumCommunity is a platform where people can gain access to a wealth of information by participating in discussions where global citizens interact.

Ever since the evolution of humans began around the fire, we have been consistently moving forward. Humanity has shared knowledge through stories whether it is about celestial objects or the tiniest of creatures.


WarriorForum offers you the space to expand your knowledge by sharing from interrogative to the narrative. Here, creators build audiences of millions known for their unique insights or thousands of people as audiences for niche knowledge that can not be found anywhere else.



Wondir is possibly the oldest and most high-minded of the social Q&A sites, having been under development since 2002. The site’s creators, all veterans of the search industry, had the notion to index and organise content from online reference services given by libraries all around the world. However, by the time it was officially launched in April 2005, the site had evolved into a traditional question-and-answer service, with over a million questions and responses from beta users. Wondir may have been the first to offer a question-and-answer widget, a ticker that can be integrated on other websites.


Yahoo Answers

Features: Yahoo Answers has a big advantage over the competition in the social Q&A space: it’s widely pushed on other sites, which collectively attract more people every day than any other Web destination except MySpace. After Wikipedia, the site, which is only a year old, has become the second most popular reference site. It boasts the greatest collection of answers of any Q&A site, with 60 million unique users.


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