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Best Online Forums And Message Boards | Blackhatworld

Online Forum,and  message boards have grown to be crucial components of the web world. They serve as gathering places where people may communicate, exchange knowledge, and provide guidance despite obstacles like distance.

Online  Forum are becoming more and more popular as more individuals rely on them more frequently. However, as the number of these forums and community websites grows, it is crucial for us to be able to sift through them and choose only the top-rated ones.

Since most social media platforms don’t need an introduction, I chose to focus on online forums and message boards rather than the major social media websites when compiling the list of the top 10  online Forum,and  message boards,. I hope this ranking proves to be as helpful to you as it was to me, so please enjoy. Social media platforms are technically community websites as well.


A news aggregation website called Blackhatworld allows users to debate and rate web material. Only members who have registered may participate. The website enables members to publish content, such as texts, photographs, videos, and links. Then, other members vote on these postings to determine their ranking.

BlackHat World Community is a online forum and message board where you can find the most innovative strategies and tactics for digital marketing today.

Blackhatworld basically enables you to share any type of content you desire (articles, links, audio, photos, and videos, etc.) on your own dashboards (sort of micro-blogs). You can use hashtags to help the community find your posts, people can follow your ‘blogs,’ and they can leave comments or other feedback on your publications. Basically, if you are familiar with Twitter & Medium, you’ll pick it up quickly because it’s sort of a crossover between the functionalities


Online Forum operates on the basis of questions and answers. Two former Facebook employees started this group in June 2009.

According to Google Trends, Quora currently has about 300 million active users every month, and its profile is growing. This indicates that the website’s popularity is continuing to rise. A day may see between 3,000 and 5,000 queries posted in the online forum.


The majority of questions asked on Quora receive answers in 20 to 30 minutes, with more concise queries receiving speedier responses. Do-follow links are not currently available in the online  Forum. But it is a good source of traffic right now and one of the top websites for content marketing.

3- GitHub

A member-hosted online code repository, GitHub hosts the material of its users. It enables its members, the majority of whom are software engineers, to communicate about the projects they are engaged in. Over 65 million software engineers who have made over 200 million projects make up the majority of GitHub’s membership. Microsoft now owns Github.

From text to movies, this repository website supports all file types. It is a fantastic choice for developers who wish to work on projects together. It enables users to contribute in a variety of ways, such as by suggesting new features, offering coding assistance for someone else’s project, and much more.

When a project’s source code is freely made available to the forums, it is highly supported by the open-source community. Companies like Google make advantage of its services to increase user confidence.


Although it is a well-known microblogging network, many people use it as a social media website, which is why I ranked it so low.

You can basically use Tumbler to share any kind of content you want (articles, links, audio, photos, and videos, etc.) on your own dashboards (sort of micro-blogs). You can use hashtags to help the community find your posts, people can follow your ‘blogs,’ and they can also leave comments or other feedback on your publications. Basically, if you are familiar with Twitter & Medium, you’ll pick it up quickly because it’s kind of a crossover between the functional

This website has more than 300 million unique users each month and contains more than 500 million “blogs” covering just about every type of material imaginable.


Reddit clone has undergone remodelling. It provides a number of subreddit-like communities where users may share posts and receive votes from other users. There are no down-votes as far as I could see; instead, members can mark a post as “insightful” or “fun” or both. A post receives the greatest points when both “insightful” and “fun” are voted for since it is both educational and entertaining to read.

This website receives about 500k unique visits per month, and as far as I can gather, it permits self-promotion and do-follow backlinks as long as you don’t spam and take part in the many conversation forums.


Reddit clone Notabug provides users with a forum to discuss news and thoughts on various subjects. Users can share links to YouTube videos as well as other online articles and resources on this message board.

Around 100k unique visitors visit the site each month, and it appears to accept do-follow backlinks as long as you don’t spam and use good linking practises.


Using links to images, articles, and videos, users of the online  Forum Snapzu can exchange a variety of content. It houses a number of user-managed groups for like-minded individuals and gives them the freedom to evaluate and score the information offered in the online forum.

The best thing is that the content is not restricted because the website supports freedom of speech and expression. Self-promotion is not permitted, unless you are really active on the many boards and themes, though.


An online Forum called Lobsters focuses on link aggregation and general internet debates about tech and STEM. It was founded in 2012 and aims to create thriving digital communities. For ease of access and sorting, users must tag the stories and links being posted with the predefined tags that indicate their category.


Phuks is a link aggregation website (yeah, another Reddit knockoff) that focuses on gathering links from previously published online content and rearranging them in a way that makes sense to users and makes them easy to access. It provides its users with a wide range of links, saving them a tonne of time online and giving them the chance to engage in meaningful conversations about them.


This is a social news website that promotes member conversations. On this website, users can submit connections to other websites for quicker access and organisation. Members are permitted to direct other members to links to articles that provide the requested information.


Users of this online  Forum can access data here with little to no user tracking at all. Additionally, it prioritises pertinent information to give its consumers access to always-high-quality content. The forum is praised for its anti-bullying policy, and any cyberbullies are swiftly kicked off the site.

That concludes this list, which I hope was helpful. The top 10 message boards,, and online forum were listed here, largely in order of popularity (traffic). You can read my other articles about forums or websites that cater to particular audiences or market segments:

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