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What is Graphic Design?


Composing and organising the visual components of a project is the practise of Graphic Design. Graphic Design includes a variety of activities, such as designing a magazine’s layout, a play’s poster, and product packaging.

With fact, practically everyone today engages in some aspect of Graphic Design in their daily lives, whether it’s colouring a spreadsheet for work or adding text to an image for social media.

What is the main purpose of Graphic Design?


Graphic Design seeks to enhance or transmit a message.

Communication is streamlined through good Graphic Design. Imagine a spreadsheet that incorporates data analytics. To make it simpler for the viewer to comprehend what is going well and what needs to be corrected, a graphic designer may use different colours to show which metrics are increasing and which are decreasing.

A properly created piece of Graphic Design can also move the viewer’s emotions or even inspire them to act. For instance, the “sign up” page on a website is often created to persuade users to begin a free trial or join an email list. The goal of food package design is to increase the perceived attraction of the food inside.

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