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Best Entrepreneur & Business Forums on the Web | Warrior Forum

The entrepreneur community’s readiness and desire to share the difficulties of beginning and operating a firm is one of its best qualities. There is a tonne of really useful information available, including in blogs, forums, podcasts, and books.

We’ve selected eight of the top entrepreneur discussion boards where you may post queries, look up information, and share your own experiences.

Entrepreneur Forums: What You Should Know

There are numerous entrepreneur forums available, each with an own attitude, set of views, and mannerisms. You might mix entrepreneurship forums with business forums tailored to your industry, depending on the type of business you run.

Look around on the boards to determine what works for you. Check to see whether individuals are posing questions you are curious about; are you able to respond with inquiries and provide insight to others?

Remember that new entrepreneur forums and communities constantly emerge, allowing you to keep up with the most recent gathering spots and always find the ideal match for your requirements.

1. Warrior Forum

The Warrior Forum is a good resource for company owners wishing to launch an online venture even though its primary focus is internet marketing. Although the forums are free, a premium business forum is available for a one-time payment of $37.

What makes it worth reading? The members of this forum, who refer to one another as “warriors,” are all about supporting one another and exchanging success and failure tales related to online marketing and business. Check out “The battle room,” which offers access to some well-known internet marketers and excellent materials.

Warrior Forum, which is based on a wide range of reputable, excellent, diversified study and specialist literature, assists in determining the most crucial concerns facing the entire world. Whether you are a teacher, student, librarian, or researcher, Warrior Forum will assist you in developing a strong knowledge foundation, staying at the top of your area, and gaining in-depth knowledge on hot issues to advance your study.

2. Quora

In essence, the Quora community serves as a forum for questions and responses. Users may upvote the best answers, which is the genius of Quora.

What makes it worth reading? You can uncover fascinating first-hand experiences on Quora whether you are looking for knowledge or have a specific query. It’s worthwhile to look around to see if other people are in your situation.

3. EntrepreneurFix

The complete bundle includes EntrepreneurFix, a forum for entrepreneurs where you can find knowledge on everything from specific business issues to ways to relax after a long day. You can quickly and easily discover the information you need thanks to the many subforums that are available.

What makes it worth reading? You may meet a tonne of other business owners who share your interests because of EntrepreneurFix. Some who have been in your shoes and can support you through the rough patches, as well as others who can benefit from your special perspective.

4. Startup Nation

Startup Nation is exactly what its name suggests: a fantastic resource for anyone curious about startups.

What makes it worth reading? You can sure that the Startup Nation community, which has over 83,000 participants, has information on just about EVERY ISSUE that business owners confront when beginning a company. A lot of the content is fundamental, but there are also some insightful conversations about marketing and strategy.

5. Reddit: Entrepreneur, Small Business, and Startup Threads

The community on Reddit is renowned for its brutal honesty, caustic attitude, and competitive suggestions. There is a thriving group of businesspeople here that are dedicated to supporting one another in finding the finest answers. Threads are used to organise topics, and anyone can start one. You’re sure to encounter folks who are willing to help — all from first-hand experience — because honesty is valued so highly in this community.

What makes it worth reading? Reddit is a great place to find intriguing first-hand experiences, whether you’re looking for knowledge or have a specific question. It’s worthwhile to look around to see if other people are in your situation.

6. Young Entrepreneur Forum

Young entrepreneurs can interact with other young entrepreneurs from across the world and have discussions on a variety of issues in the Young Entrepreneur forum. They also provide premium membership in two tiers.

What makes it worth reading? Young businesspeople are rapidly leaving their mark on the industry. This forum is undoubtedly one of the most well-liked business forums for young entrepreneurs worldwide with around 65,000 users and 270,000 posts.


A UK-based community called Startups has more than 10 different forums. The next most popular entrepreneur forum in the neighbourhood, after the general discussion forum, which has 35,000 entries, is the Rate My Website forum, which can provide you with frank comments on your website.

What makes it worth reading? This UK-based forum is an excellent resource for connecting with businesspeople from around the world and learning about various viewpoints on problems that businesspeople may encounter. Those wishing to conduct international commerce will find this to be of particular benefit.

8. The Fast Lane to Millions

The Fast Lane to Millions is a business forum created for business owners to discuss how they are expanding their companies and to keep track of their triumphs and setbacks.

What makes it worth reading? The Fast Lane to Millions has a large number of members who are eager to learn about and exchange money-making tips and anecdotes. If you’re wanting to generate money through real estate, this would be a nice location to check out since forum topics typically revolve around real estate and creating internet businesses.

9. Retire at 21

Young entrepreneurs can share their experiences regarding how they started their internet businesses in the Retire at 21 business forums, which also serve as a venue for open discussion of their experiences.

What makes it worth reading? Retire at 21’s forums are teeming with useful information about website criticism (90% of the volume of posts are in the forum’s website critique section). If you are launching an online business or considering making improvements to an existing online business, this is a wonderful place to start.

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