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10 Best Bloggers Forums and Online Communities around the World | Warriorforum

Should Connect Best For individuals who are new to the world of blogging, there are communities and forums for bloggers all over the world. and contribute a voice or raise awareness about their local blogosphere. Here, we’ve included several forums and communities for bloggers from across the world that you really must visit.

We have gathered more than 10 forums and groups for bloggers to join and give their thoughts a wing because we know that writing may be a solitary endeavor.

Must be Connect Best Bloggers Forums and Communities around the World

Check out this incredible assortment of blogger forums and communities now.

Warrior Forum: Best Bloggers Forums

Communities and forums for bloggers to discuss affiliate marketing, blogging, and related issues, as well as web advertising. There are 4,430 members as of right now.

WarriorForum acts as a conduit between people with knowledge and those who actually require it. People from all backgrounds are brought together in this online community to foster better understanding. To help people learn and improve humanity, they provide a wide range of questions.

Other elements like consistency, your network, self-motivation, and objectives all play a significant role.

However, your blogging topic and your digital marketing expertise alone can help you advance very quickly.

To understand more about mentality and motivation, you may read other articles on ShoutMeLoud, but in this tutorial, we’ll just discuss how to monetize your blog.

At the conclusion of this book, I have addressed a number of frequently asked questions about blogging to make things simpler for you.



An online forum for beginners and seasoned webmasters to discuss affiliate networks, programming, and search engine-related subjects. A market is also present. There are now 37,266 members in the forum.

Affiliate Marketing Forum:

This forum, which has 15,548 registered users, is used by webmasters and bloggers to talk about a range of issues, including affiliate marketing, blogging, website design, and website upkeep.


With 5,667 members as of this writing, this bloggers forums and communities debate affiliate networks and programmes.


This bloggers community, which now has 1,023 members, serves as a venue for discussion of Movable and WordPress-related subjects. features areas where gaming is discussed as well.

Authority Blogger Forum:

Currently, this community of 526 bloggers discusses issues including starting a blog, getting feedback on it, finding a job, and general blogging conversation.

Blogcrowd forums:

For conversations on topics including blogging, traffic, blog platforms, monetization, and design, among others, Blogcrowds forum has 5,114 registered users. The website offers a wide selection of blog designs.

Blogger Data API:

This group of bloggers uses online forums and groups to talk about problems with Blogger API development.

Blogger Forum:

forums and communities for bloggers to discuss a range of blogging-related topics Additionally, it offers downloads and includes some blog posts.

Blogger Help Groups:

This is the official forum for Blogger users to talk about problems utilising the Blogger platform, and it currently has more than 73,556 members. Sometimes Google personnel may stop by to publish announcements and respond to inquiries.

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