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Best advertising networks for bloggers and publishers

Working with the top publisher and blog ad network is essential for business success at all times.

Since many advertisers spend the majority of their budgets during the fourth quarter of the year, publishers typically experience a decline in income during the first quarter.

The first quarter is, in our opinion at Monetize More, the ideal time to plan your yearly strategy. By doing this, you can guarantee that throughout the year, your programming outcomes are at their best.

We’ve examined several of the leading advertising networks in the market and selected the best ad networks for all types of publishers to consider for 2022 to save you time and catapult your success.

With the use of this list and our outstanding ad optimization

1. Google Ad Exchange  (Now a part of Google Ad Manager)

Even if Header Bidding is still widely used, Google’s Ad Exchange network will continue to be the largest source of demand for publishers in 2022. It functions as the upgraded version of Google AdSense and has a number of exciting features, including:

Favored agreements Blocking and filtering at the account level reports that can be adjusted based on the publishers’ parameters, the option to brand, semi-transparent, and anonymously configure your inventories being able to prevent merchants Google Ad Manager’s dynamic allocation And more…

Following the revamping of Google’s Advertising Product Suite in 2018, Ad Exchange is now accessible in Google Ad Manager.

Remember that you’re less likely to succeed if you’re a small publisher (not receiving millions of visitors each month).

2. AdMaven is a potent ad network that has aided publishers in generating significant profits. Based on your requirements, configuration tags, and the kind of advertising that is placed on your site, you can filter adverts. Pop-under advertisements from AdMaven are noticeable, catchy, and get more clicks. For publishers who wish to increase their earnings, this is the greatest pop-under ad network.


You can choose from a wide range of ad styles, such as full-screen advertisements, pop-up notifications, native floaters, push-in-page ads, etc.

-They generate over 2 billion daily impressions globally and guarantee strong CPM revenues.

-There is no minimum traffic threshold for them to begin monetizing.

3.TripleLift triplelift logo 

Triple Lift focuses on branded video ad networks, native ads, and sponsored content. They support publishers who want to integrate native direct transactions into their current ad stack. Their native in-feed adverts offer your users polite and interesting advertising experiences.

They design publisher-specific ad placements using their own unique technologies to match the aesthetic of each of their websites. A variety of various ad types, including image, scroll, cinemagraph, carousel, and others, are available through the native ad framework.

4. The Xandr (formerly AppNexus) logo

Leading AdTech company Xandr, formerly known as App Nexus, provides a variety of publishers, advertisers, and solutions for the programmatic sector. A comprehensive online advertising platform, the Xandr publisher package offers publishers SSP, Analytics, Ad Server technology, and more.

Publishers may monetize their content and obtain the highest possible returns on each impression by using Xandr, one of the largest ad exchanges in the market, and its enormous pool of ad inventories, which can reach more than 10 million daily impressions at its height.

Xandr is viewed more as an ad exchange; some businesses even create their own publisher networks using its software and reporting features.

We only advise Xandr for experienced users.

5. The top website adverts from Index Exchange (now owned by Rivr Technologies GmbH)

The digital advertising network run by Index Exchange gives publishers access to thousands of premium brands and advertisers. It is one of the most popular monetization systems worldwide.

Due to the rigorous screening procedures these demand partners undergo, only the best inventory is made available. This publishing platform offers top-tier technology, transparency, dependability, and performance.

Each ad is scrutinized to ensure it satisfies quality criteria so publishers may enhance user experience and provide only the finest ads to their audience.To sign up for Index Exchange, click here.

6. PubMatic 

With an emphasis on openness and quality, PubMatic provides publishers with a variety of alternatives. By assisting publishers with the packaging, management, and sale of their premium ad inventory to advertisers, they streamline the process of private markets.

By connecting publishers to several demand partners across different screen sizes, they leverage cutting-edge RTB technology to boost competition and yield. They also employ ad quality solutions to safeguard publishers from subpar ads while enhancing user experience.



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7Search PPC is a name that continues to dominate the advertising online gambling world. That’s why we put it at the top of our list of the best ad networks for gambling ads.

Online gambling, gambling network, gambling ads

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7Search PPC provides excellent service. It consistently follows the most recent trends and keeps up with the rest of the world. Travel has, nevertheless, frequently been a popular issue for this Ad Network, whether measured by the number of its Publishers or Advertisers.

You can advertise travel ad network

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