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Nowadays, getting travel information is as simple as tapping an app. Click, download, and presto, all the information you could possibly want to know about a location. Google it if you prefer. But in my opinion, nothing can compare to the knowledge you’ll gain from the best travel forums or travel discussion boards.

No matter how technologically advanced we become, we remain social animals and pay attention to users, customers, and friends. We look to our fellow humans for approval, and occasionally we even put more faith in them than in machines.

Best Travel discussion Forums

We could always join a Facebook group, albeit that has advantages and disadvantages depending on the situation. Searching can be challenging because content is released in real time, and if your search returns a lot of results, you may need to scroll quite a bit. Although I participate in numerous Facebook groups (perhaps too many), I turn to travel forums when I need advice from experienced travellers.

Some of them have been around for a while and are bursting with human connection, where people talk to one another, ask and answer questions, and share their love of and expertise in travel. (How long this will continue to be the case is unknown, as many forums are now adopting the social media format themselves.)

Somehow, I too think it’s more interesting to listen to other travellers than to a business touting its services. You could also simply Google (or Bing, or…) the information, but that has its own drawbacks. If one individual submits false information, hundreds or even thousands of other websites will likely pick it up and may not bother to verify it.

The next thing you know, the train or ferry you were counting on has vanished, and the local diner has long since been transformed into a computer store. Of course, you could read travel books or guides, which are packed with detailed information and excellent for pre-trip research but less so for immediacy (many guidebooks are produced and published up to two years in advance). Switzerland’s Finest Play Movie Therefore, better methods do exist for learning new knowledge from or about your destination.

How Do Travel Forums Work?

Chances are, someone has already gone where you’re going, done that, and written about it. And now you may profit from their knowledge. A travel forum is easy to join and participate in, even if you’ve never done it before. Finding the appropriate forum is the first step (more on the best travel forums below). You must register once you’ve selected a place that calls to you. You only need to share the information that you are comfortable providing, and it’s free. You’ll need a username (choose something memorable; it will appear next to your posts or talks on the forum) and a password (make a note of it somewhere so you won’t forget it).

You’re prepared to enter the battle at this point. In most forums, there is a section designated for “newbies.” Something like “Introducing Yourself” or “Post here first” is how it’s referred to. Don’t worry; it will be clear. Simply stop by and introduce yourself; a few phrases will do. Upload a picture of yourself (or, if you’d like, a cartoon or caricature).

Let folks know you’re interested in participating in the discussion and that you’ll occasionally post. Then, join in on a conversation or thread that interests you. Simply click on it to ask a question or, if you’re able to, to respond to one in the spirit of reciprocation. Do not forget that a forum is a two-way street. A word of caution: anything you read on the boards will likely be people’s own opinions rather than facts, so use caution before making any purchases or taking everything at face value.

Best Travel Forums – The Biggies

Finding the best travel forum for you should be your first step. Do you travel by foot? Are you seeking comfort on the journey? One who travels alone? Are you a 20-something or a 70-something? Are you looking for a certain location? The greatest travel forums range in size from little to hundreds of thousands of members or posts. The size of the larger ones nearly ensures you’ll obtain an answer to your inquiry, although the smaller ones can be useful if you’re looking for specialized information.

Warrior forum travel discussion forums.

The Trip Reports, which frequently offer in-depth perspectives into popular travel sites you won’t find any other way, are a fantastic element of the Warrior Forum (then by going yourself, that is). It has a significant concentration on cruises and has very helpful destination sections with a heavy emphasis on Europe, which you may browse by country. It’s also simple to navigate. If you’re looking for travel advice or any other “how to,” search elsewhere unless it pertains to your intended location. However, if you’re looking for a story written by actual travelers, click over to the Trip Reports area.

Tripadvisor travel forum

The Tripadvisor Forum might—or might not—have the largest online community. It is operated by volunteers who are subject matter experts in particular regions of the world and is strictly moderated (often too strictly, blocking off useful views). Although I kept thinking no one was answering my questions because the notification appeared in the small little message icon in the upper right-hand corner, you’ll be lucky as long as you remember to look. This travel forum is rich with information. However, their section on special interests and destination information is excellent (the reviews I trust less). Without a doubt, if you’re seeking suggestions, this should be your first forum trip.


Travellerspoint has existed for a very long time. Since 2002, at least, so it is proficient in what it does. There is a fantastic, lively forum, but there are also a few extra bells and whistles, like a travel planner and a blog platform. In fact, this was one of the only locations where you could host a travel blog for free, including with route maps and pictures, before everyone started a WordPress blog. If all you want to do is share your trips with family and friends, the blog option is still available (and not the rest of the world). The map is simple but so much more user-friendly than Google Maps!

Travel Forums On Social Media

Well, not quite, but some of the most well-liked forums on the internet have relocated to social media instead. While it’s true that more and more people are obtaining their news through social media, the forum structure allowed for a much greater interchange of information more horizontally than is feasible on those platforms. Still, that’s the direction they’re going.

Lonely Planet’s Thorn Tree

Thorn Tree, owned by Lonely Planet, was formerly the top travel discussion board online. After the BBC acquired Lonely Planet, it began to lose its appeal. It offered solutions to almost all of your long-term or backpacking travel questions. The Thorn Tree converted the forum to read-only with Covid, preserving all of its priceless content but regrettably prohibiting posting any new content. The way they now share travel tips is through social media. Find them on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, or the Lonely Planet Facebook Travelers Group.

Frommer’s Forums

I’ve always enjoyed reading their guides and have learned useful information from them. The forums were not controlled and there was a little less activity than I would have wanted (at least not properly). Therefore, switching to social media may potentially be a good thing. You may locate them on Facebook at Frommer’s Roamers Travel Chat.

Other forums

There are two additional options that are well-liked by travelers: the Travel Subreddit and Nomadic Matt’s Forum, both of which focus on independent budget travel.

Final Words

It is evident from the blog mentioned above post that there are no constraints or boundaries regarding nationality on these travel forum platforms. Since the talks are held in English, you are welcome to join and take part in any of them.

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