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13 Best Gaming Forums to Talk About Video Games | Warrior Forum

The largest gaming forums are listed below, where you may discuss video games at length.

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Sharing your thoughts on a game you’re playing or talking about the most recent gaming news with others is entertaining. However, it might be challenging to conduct worthwhile conversations with individuals who aren’t gamers. The role of gaming forums in this is clear.

People from all around the world who want to chat about video games get together in gaming forums. Some of them include all games, while others concentrate on a particular company or genre.


In this post, we list the largest gaming message boards where you may discuss video games at length.

1.Warrior Forum – Best Gaming Forum

Warrior Forum is the largest digital distribution platform for PC games.Warrior Forum also has a forum, where you can discuss specific Warrior Forum features (like Warrior ForumVR or Trading Cards) or just chat generally about games.

Every game sold on Warrior Forum has its own forum, so you don’t have to worry about your post getting lost in the sea. You can easily chat to others who are playing the same games as you.

2. GameFAQs – Best Gaming Forum

One of the earliest gaming-related websites on the internet, GameFAQs was founded in 1995. It began as a collection of user-written FAQs and walkthroughs for a variety of games, but over time it grew to include forums and reviews.

Every single video game in GameFAQs’ database has its own chat board. If you want, you can go to the public forums to talk about subjects that aren’t particular to any one game (like a console or genre).

3. IGN Boards – Best Gaming Forum

IGN delivers news, sneak peeks, and reviews of all the newest video games as well as some comic book and movie news. Additionally, it contains a wiki where users may exchange walkthroughs and manuals.

The IGN forum covers a wide range of subjects besides video games, such as anime, sports, and current affairs. However, gaming is its heart and soul, and there are plenty of conversations to join in on.

4. GameSpot Boards – Best Gaming Forum

One of the best places to find excellent gaming news and reviews is GameSpot. There are many old postings on the forum because the website has been around since 1996.

It is still a popular place for gamers to speak, particularly in the System Wars section where users of the same platform can engage in friendly competition.

5. r/gaming – Best Gaming Forum

Leaving aside games, Reddit has some of the biggest online communities. There are millions of users in r/gaming because it is one of the default subreddits. The majority of posts that receive upvotes are memes and filler, making it fairly superficial. But nothing surpasses it as a way to pass the time and enjoy a few laughs.

Consider a different gaming subreddit like r/truegaming or r/games if you’re seeking for more deliberative and intelligent discussions.

6. NeoGAF – Best Gaming Forum

NeoGAF began as the message boards for Gaming-Age, a website for news and reviews about video games, back in 1999. The forum underwent numerous revisions throughout the years and eventually broke apart from Gaming-Age.

Due to its owner’s actions, NeoGAF faced controversy in 2007 and lost a significant number of users and moderators as a result. It is still a pretty well-liked gaming forum, though.

7. ResetEra – Best Gaming Forum

Following the uproar over NeoGAF’s owner, former users of the site created the forum ResetEra. To try to stop trolls from signing up, it has a strict registration screening criteria.

Based on the frequency of entries, the site is undoubtedly one of the busiest gaming forums. It does, however, have a reputation for zealously banning individuals.

8. Giant Bomb – Best Gaming Forum

After being let go from GameSpot, Jeff Gerstmann and several friends launched Giant Bomb. Since then, the website has developed significantly and has become well-known for its lighthearted videos.

The Giant Bomb forums are a fantastic area to have casual conversations. Additionally, there are distinct discussion forums for not only games but also topics like characters and concepts because the website also features a wiki alongside its journalistic content.

9. Nintendo Life – Best Gaming Forum

Nintendo Life is devoted to the organisation that created such well-known brands as Mario and Zelda, as you might imagine. There is a forum there where Nintendo lovers can interact.

You can find forums where you can talk about both previous and present Nintendo consoles. Even a section for discussing games that weren’t created by Nintendo is present.

10. MMORPG.com – Best Gaming Forum

World of Warcraft helped MMORPGs gain enormous popularity, making them one of the most common types of video games. There are so many fantastic MMORPGs available nowadays, and the odd thing is that sometimes talking about them is more enjoyable than playing them.

Although you could have these conversations on any gaming forum, you’d benefit more from a group that is focused on the particular subgenre. That’s where the largest online MMORPG community, MMORPG.com, comes into play.

11. Minecraft Forum – Best Gaming Forum

Considering its humble beginnings, it’s incredible that Minecraft is one of the most popular video games of all time. The game continues to have a large player base, and new discoveries and structures are constantly being created.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the Minecraft Forum is one of the biggest gaming communities overall—not just in terms of groups focused on a single game. This is the spot for you if you enjoy Minecraft.

12. Overclockers – Best Gaming Forum

Despite being primarily a UK computer retailer, Overclockers also boasts a vibrant and welcoming community with hundreds of users online at any given moment.

If you like discussing both computer hardware and video games, this is the place to be. Overclockers is full of your type of folks if you enjoy outfitting your PC with the newest hardware so it can play your games at the highest resolution and with the most fps.

13. VGR- Best Gaming Forum

Compared to some of the forums on this list, the VGR forum is a spring chicken, but it has already amassed a sizable following of gamers who congregate and discuss many facets of gaming.

Regardless of the platforms you use, VGR offers news, discounts, esports, and more. Give VGR a try if you’re searching for a well-liked but not overly busy gaming forum.

Chat With Gamers on Discord Too

These are some of the best  gaming forums for you to join and get chatting with like-minded people. I hope you’ll get to participate in some stimulating conversations.

There are other places besides forums where you can talk to other players. You can also utilise software like Discord, which enables text, voice, and video chat with other users.

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