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Many things that were once trendy and chic become less appealing as the internet expands. There are still some forums that are thriving even though they are losing members. They are brimming with content, have a tonne of members, and everyday visits. These centres for topical discussion serve as a convenient place for like-minded individuals to congregate and communicate. They range from online forum for students to bulletin boards for gamers, depending on the area of interest. 11 well-liked forums have been compiled by us to keep you scrolling.

1. Warrior Forum

Warrior Forum acts as a conduit between people with knowledge and those who actually require it. People from all backgrounds are brought together in this online community to foster better understanding. To help people learn and improve humanity, they offer a wide range of questions.

These questions have an impact on people’s lives, explain current world events, direct important life choices, and reveal the varied or disparate points of view of others. On WarriorForum, you can share anything to increase your knowledge, from questions to stories.

Here, innovators create audiences of millions who are acclaimed for their unique insights or audiences of thousands who are interested in specialised information not found anywhere else. You may choose WarriorForum since they are one of the best and most dependable internet forums.

A chat room or forum is unquestionably one of the most well-known and conventional sorts of internet community. They are the most crucial aspect of a business’ success (as mentioned above). If you choose to make it your final stop, you may visit WarriorForum via their website.

2. Adobe – a popular online forum

A U.S.-based software corporation called Adobe exists. The purpose of the forum is to assist clients of the business with any inquiries they may have. It is brimming with solutions to any issues users may encounter as well as how-tos. The ability to search for material based on the author, the date, or other relevant tags is another useful feature of this forum.

3.  World of Warcraft

This video game garnered a large popularity after its 2004 release. It still has 5.03 million gamers as of right now. A wonderful approach to create a community around the game is through their forum. It contains several fantastic features for the users, including a general discussion area, how-to manuals, games, and a technical assistance area. You may spend hours on this site without becoming bored because of the abundance of user-generated information. Undoubtedly one of the most well-known forums in the gaming industry.

4. Ubuntu

Ubuntu is a product that is open-source. Customer service is offered to users through their forum. It has shown to be an excellent approach to respond to queries that, although being posed by only one person, may be helpful to everyone who visits the forum, with 1.8 million users.

5. The Chronicle of Higher Education

University academics can meet and discuss their interests in this forum. It is divided into parts including news, careers, and specialised subjects. Professors from all around the world may gather in this community and engage in free-flowing conversations with one another.

6. Politics: The Bully Pulpit

There are still 3 million users on this forum, which has been operational since 1994. You’ll understand why once you read the content. There are many political conversations and active participants in this topic. There is constantly something going on because of the back and forth movement. Because of the vibrant community it has created, this well-known forum has endured throughout the years.

7. About Smoking Cessation

The act of stopping smoking is known as cessation. People who have quit or are attempting to quit might find assistance in our group. Members share their daily struggles as well as their accomplishments in their writing. You can tell from the posts that the community is really compassionate since people support one another and give advice when they can.

8.  Breaktime 3- a popular online forum

Builders, construction workers, artisans, and craftswomen are all welcome on this topic. They can give suggestions and guidance there when one of them is stuck. The fact that anyone may join our group is a wonderful feature. They are especially kind to DIY enthusiasts who are intrigued or seek advice.

9. Fighting for America

When you stumble onto this forum, the atmosphere is the first thing you notice. The moderator has produced a welcome video at the top of the website in which he explains the goal of the forum and what you may get from it. Politics is the major topic of conversation. The members are generally leftist, but the rules state that all viewpoints are accepted so long as the material you upload doesn’t promote hatred. Excellent forum for sharing opinions and getting community advice!

10. Airbnb Host- a popular online forum

In this forum, you will find everything from funny anecdotes to support to advice on how to handle various problems with the Airbnb website. It is really well-liked and a wonderful community for these hosts. Additionally, the forum has launched a separate blog. This serves as a manual for readers on how to be the greatest hosts they can be. Overall, this online brand community is excellent.

11. Reddit

In many respects, Reddit is an interactive forum. Users may publish whatever they like (a narrative, a video, a meme), and other users can vote on it to determine its ranking. Members may also share on other websites and leave comments there. It continues to be one of the most well-liked forums on the internet with over 100,000 communities.

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