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10 Websites & Forums For Entrepreneurs, Startup Founders & Small Business Owners | Blackhat Forum


You will need online communities, forums/message boards, as well as specialist websites in the entrepreneurship field, whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, startup founder, or experienced small business owner, to learn from and discuss with like-minded people who have been where you are now.

In this article, I’ll present 10 of the top websites, online groups, and forums where you can share your knowledge and learn from other seasoned entrepreneurs and business owners.

1.Blackhat Forum | Blackhatworld.community

Blackhat Forum is a hybrid platform that may be used for both managing human resources and public conversations.You can connect with many different groups, organisations, and companies for collaboration and mentoring.For your company, you may hire the greatest personnel who can work both on-site and remotely. Daily traffic to Blackhat Forum is really high. As a result, it works well for marketing initiatives as well.

In addition to the general public, Blackhat Forum features specialised specialist groups that you may join to receive ongoing professional assistance free of charge.

2. SMBs, Startups & Entrepreneurship Subreddits

Because it features a tonne of forums (known as subreddits for the uninitiated) on just about any topic you can think of, Reddit consistently ranks first on any list of forums on any topic these days.

And boy, do they have some useful forums and subreddits for entrepreneurs, SMB owners, and founders of tech startups:

  • r/SmallBusiness (~750K members)
  • r/Entrepreneur (~1M members)
  • r/EntrepreneurRideAlong (~200K members)
  • r/DigitalNomad (~1.4M members)
  • r/Business (~675K members)
  • r/Business_Ideas (~125K members)
  • r/Startups (~1M members)
  • r/Startup_Ideas (~50K members)
  • r/SideHustle (~75K members)
  • r/JustStart (~100K members)

Use the search bar to find the community you’re looking for. You can also find subreddits for particular business kinds or industries (e-commerce, SaaS entrepreneurs, offline SMBs, food services, flipping, consulting, etc.).

3. Quora Topics / Communities for SMB Owners, Founders & Entrepreneurs

Quora will have the solution to your query. It is yet another incredibly well-liked and varied debate site.

You can post your business inquiries and request advice from local and international businesspeople (and business-women). Additionally, the website will score the responses based on how reliable and well-liked they are.

You can look at all of the SMB, startup, and entrepreneur-related subjects and go from there.

Quora can serve as a platform for both for-profit and nonprofit marketing operations. Additionally, you can use it on both Android and iOS devices, giving you a wonderful user experience.

Anytime, anyplace, and with just a few clicks, you can get answers to your business-related questions.

4. Medium Entrepreneurship & SMBs Topics

An online publishing platform called Medium brings together authors from all over the world who create articles and publications that resemble online magazines on a range of topics.

Browse through the articles and online publications that share important expertise and information in the entrepreneurship, startups, and business related themes.

You can make your own account, share your experiences, receive comments from other users, and grow your niche audience.

Due to its freemium model, Medium requires a subscription to access its premium services and content.

5. BizWarriors Forums

There are thousands of business topics on BizWarriors, one of the most thorough and extensive forums.

These threads go over every facet of your company and unearth fresh opportunities that you may seize to give yourself an advantage over the competition.

You can find the most pertinent users who can offer the best business solutions on our genuine business-oriented conversation site.

The fact that this website is equally useful for beginners and experts is a wonderful feature. Along with advanced strategy plans for medium- and large-sized firms, it discusses fundamental business principles for startups.

6. Startup Nation Community

Startup Nation is a platform for business coaching where you can learn everything from how to launch a company on a shoestring budget to how to achieve endless growth.

Startup Nation stands out because you may immediately join a thorough learning project rather than waiting to receive the ideal response to your questions.

With more than a hundred thousand visits each month, Startup Nation is an active community known for presenting the most novel and unconventional business solutions.

7. Flying Solo Forum

Australians who have chosen solo entrepreneurship over traditional occupations and businesses can be found in the Flying Solo Forum group.

This group is for anyone who relies on other remote freelancers and co-working spaces rather than a traditional firm with a fixed office and full-time workers, such as a freelancer, content producer, digital marketer, owner of an e-commerce store, or online investor, etc.

Despite being an Australian community, there are more than 100,000 digital soloists there from all over the world.

8. Warrior Forum

Digital marketing is an effective strategy that may help you gauge how successful your company is.

Modern markets are fiercely competitive, making it difficult to operate a corporation without exorbitant efforts. Startups urgently want low-cost marketing initiatives that guarantee a strong return on investment.

So, whether you want to run paid marketing campaigns or engage in organic marketing activities like SEO, the Warrior Forum is the ideal place for you if you are a business owner and need advice in this respect.

Numerous marketing professionals are eager to share their insightful knowledge. Being a part of such a community is extremely vital given how quickly the digital marketing industry is developing.

To stay abreast of the most recent advancements in pertinent technologies, you will therefore need to contact and work with other professionals.

9. No Code Founders

No Code Founders is a group that caters to startup founders that don’t know how to code, as the name says (or choose not to code).

Since they presume that a business founder would typically be an IT professional, the majority of startup groups are rife with technical advice and jargon. This forum is for the rare individuals that prioritise business over technology.

In this group, thousands of founders—using everything from app/website builders to payment processors to other pre-built solutions—are sharing helpful knowledge and information to enable non-technical founders to launch tech enterprises and online businesses.

10. Small Business Forum

Another hugely popular online forum for business talks is called Small Business Forum. There are thousands of experts in a wide range of fields, including IT specialists, accountants, managers, marketers, and human resource specialists.

In one location, you may talk about brand-new business concepts and receive feasibility analyses for your upcoming projects. This software helps you make decisions across all levels of enterprise administration.

Every day fresh and ambitious business owners and enthusiasts are welcomed to the small business forum, which is growing in popularity. There are separate threads for establishing, running, funding, franchising, and a number of other topics. There are thousands of postings in each thread where problems and solutions are being addressed right away.

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